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Ashley Elle

Ashley Elle’s love for music was evident from an early age. She would spend hours singing and playing the piano and guitar. But despite her natural talent, she was always a bit humble and shy about it. It wasn’t until her dad encouraged her to record her voice in a studio that she realized her passion for music was stronger than she thought.

Since then, Ashley began to study the songwriting process as it is important that the music she shares will be authentic to her. As industry folks began to hear her early recordings, many quickly took notice and reached out to work directly with her. She has worked tirelessly with producers to hone her craft and develop her unique indie-pop sound. To date, the themes of heartbreak, maturing, love, and mental health are central to Ashley’s music. She writes deep from the heart, drawing on personal experiences and struggles. For Ashley, music is a way to express herself and connect with others. Her vulnerability as a songwriter is both scary and rewarding, and she hopes her music resonates with her listeners as much as it does with her. She always wants to stay real and authentic and for her, that includes sharing her most vulnerable feelings.

Ashley Elle’s hard work paid off in 2019 when she was signed to a publishing deal by Given Entertainment out of Nashville. She has since been writing and recording new material, pouring her heart and soul into each song. She has a deep catalog but is always working to make the next song better.

Now based in Los Angeles, Ashley attends Loyola Marymount University and collaborates with talented producers and writers. With her upcoming singles “Heavy Heavy Heavy” and “Somebody’s Somebody,” Ashley Elle is eager to share her music with the world and hopes that her authentic story will inspire others. Visit her website at AshleyElleMusic.com.


Press Releases

10.13.23//Ashley Elle Drops “Death of Me” Just in Time for Sad Girl Autumn

Ashley Elle Drops “Death of Me” Just in Time for Sad Girl Autumn

Los Angeles, CA – In a mesmerizing fusion of musical prowess and emotive lyricism, Ashley Elle's latest release, "Death of Me," emerges as a profound exploration of transformation and vulnerability. The single, now available on all digital music platforms, invites listeners to embark on a cathartic expedition of self-discovery and letting go through its evocative melodies and poignant narrative.

"Death of Me" gracefully opens with a tender but haunting guitar riff, immediately transporting you into a contemplative realm of reflection. Ashley Elle's vocals gracefully emerge, ethereal and delicate, bearing the weight of raw sentiment. As the song progresses, the production gradually builds, incorporating atmospheric electronic elements and a driving beat. Produced and co-written by longtime collaborator, Cazz Brindis, this dynamic arrangement mirrors the emotional journey Ashley Elle takes with her message in the song. Lines like "Cut my hair, dyed it blonde" and "I’ve been running backwards, looking for some answers," communicate a sense of shedding old layers and embracing a new identity. This personal evolution is not without its difficulties, as the lyrics also touch on the struggle of leaving behind what was familiar. “I moved to Los Angeles four years ago to attend college and pursue music,” explains Ashley Elle. “While I love it out here, there are many moments where I wish I could run home to my small town in Wisconsin. ‘Death of Me’ is a song to LA - a place full of dreams and possibilities wrapped in competition and insecurities.” The musical elements of the song create a safe space for listeners to embrace their own vulnerabilities while also finding empowerment.

Ashley Elle embarked on her musical journey by developing a strong admiration for Taylor Swift's artistic prowess, which ignited her enthusiasm for music. She initially began by learning the piano and self-teaching the guitar. This experience led her to discover comfort and a means of emotional expression through both songwriting and singing. With her father's support, Ashley Elle confidently embraced her undeniable talent and established herself in the recording studio. By collaborating with skilled producers, she refined her captivating and irresistible musical style. Her ultimate objective revolves around creating a connection with her audience, a goal that is evident in the profound lyrics of her compositions. Despite the vulnerability this process involves, Ashley Elle's distinctive approach sets her apart from others, culminating in her signing a publishing agreement in 2019. Subsequently, her music has received praise from various sources, including CelebMix, Kings of A&R, and Fashionably Early, in addition to being featured on numerous Spotify playlists.

In a world where personal growth and transformation are universal experiences, Ashley Elle offers a comforting companion for anyone navigating the complexities of change. Through its evocative melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, “Death of Me” provides solace and understanding, reminding us that the task of letting go and embracing the unknown is an integral part of our human experience. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and get ready for Sad Girl Autumn by streaming “Death of Me.” Stay connected to Ashley Elle by following her on Instagram @AashleyElle or by visiting AshleyElleMusic.com.

07.20.23//Ashley Elle Unveils New Single “Somebody’s Somebody”

Ashley Elle Unveils New Single “Somebody’s Somebody”

Los Angeles, CA — Rising indie-pop darling, Ashley Elle, is set to dazzle listeners with her latest release, "Somebody's Somebody." Infusing her unique blend of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics with an infectious 80's pop vibe, Ashley Elle captures the essence of a free spirit longing to be desired, all while delivering a powerful anthem that will resonate with fans across the globe. “Somebody’s Somebody” is available to stream and download worldwide.

In "Somebody's Somebody," Ashley Elle artfully depicts the familiar tale of anticipation and disappointment when preparing to see the person you've been seeing, only to find them captivated by someone else. The track embodies the yearning for attention and the desire to be wanted while showcasing a carefree spirit that seeks to revel in a worry-free party atmosphere. “It’s a song for those who are not only going out to see a certain person or have a good time, but it touches on the insecurities and anticipation of how that moment is going to feel before you're even there,” explains Ashley Elle. “I think we all spend too many nights wasting energy on others and their actions rather than just enjoying the music and night itself.” With her signature storytelling style and captivating vocals, Ashley Elle transports listeners into her world, painting a vivid picture of emotions through vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The 80's pop influence shines through, adding a nostalgic touch to the contemporary sound, making this track an irresistible sonic experience.

Co-written and produced by Cazz Brindis, "Somebody's Somebody" highlights Ashley Elle's artistic growth, cementing her position as an emerging force in the indie-pop genre. The meticulously crafted production creates a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the raw emotions conveyed in the lyrics, resulting in Ashley Elle’s most pop-infused song to date.

Ashley Elle's musical journey began with a deep admiration for Taylor Swift's artistry, sparking her passion for music. Starting with the piano and teaching herself the guitar, she discovered solace and emotional release through songwriting and singing. Encouraged by her father, Ashley Elle embraced her undeniable talent and found her place in the studio. Collaborating with talented producers, she honed her addictive and captivating sound. Connecting with her audience is her ultimate goal, evident in the profound lyrics of her music. Despite the vulnerability it entails, Ashley Elle's unique approach sets her apart, earning her a publishing deal in 2019. Since then, her music has been lauded in the press by Celeb Mix, Kings of A&R, Fashionably Early, and has been added to countless Spotify playlists.

Ashley Elle’s dedication to authenticity, as well as her talent for crafting lyrics that explore the depths of the human experience, have garnered a devoted following. “Somebody’s Somebody” exemplifies her artistic progression and unwavering commitment to music. For more about Ashley Elle’s musical journey, visit AshleyElleMusic.com and follow her Instagram @Aashleyelle.

05.31.23//Ashley Elle Drops Vulnerable New Single “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy”

Ashley Elle Drops Vulnerable New Single “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy”

Indie Pop Artist Radiates Authenticity As She Reflects on Anxiety and Depression

Los Angeles, CA - Emerging indie-pop artist Ashley Elle has released her latest single, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy.” Mastering a level of connection that is seldom achieved through lyricism alone, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is a melodically beautiful quest to find some relief from the overwhelming experience of anxiety and depression while navigating through life. Near and dear to her heart, Ashley Elle wrote “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” when she “felt so much pressure and responsibility trying to deal with growing up and the challenges we face.” “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” was penned when Ashley Elle was moving back from living abroad in London and feeling overwhelmed by “struggling with the complexities of life.” Unguarded, comforting, and slightly haunting, the track urgently seeks relief from the overpowering experience of navigating life as a lost young adult.  With a catchy structure and repetition paired with a composition strongly reliant on guitar and piano, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” feels reliable, reflecting the stability that Ashley Elle yearns for. Perfecting a sound as alluring and authentic as the lyrics, Ashley Elle has an ornate ability to connect with her fans in an intimate way, asking them, “Do you know this feeling?” Expressing desperation for connection, she enables her audience to feel seen as well. With a sense of familiarity and intimacy, listeners cannot help but feel as though Ashley Elle is a close friend, inviting them to seek solace and confide in one another. The song goes beyond emotional expression and allows the listener to feel as though they are trying to navigate through these feelings alongside Ashley. “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” was co-written and produced by Cazz Brindis and is the follow-up to her single “How Do You Stop Loving Someone?”

Ashley Elle was captivated by Taylor Swift's music and creative artistry from a young age. It was this inspiration that led her to unearth her natural talent and love for music. Her musical journey started with the piano. Soon after, she taught herself to play the guitar. Through songwriting and vocal expression, Ashley Elle found a sense of comfort and emotional release. While initially modest about her undeniable talent, once her dad encouraged her to record in a studio, everything clicked into place. Through working with various producers and unleashing passionate dedication, Ashley Elle developed her addictively captivating sound. Her foremost objective is to connect with her audience, which is evident in the deeply resonant lyrics of her music. Although achieving such a connection often requires her to exhibit a level of vulnerability that can be intimidating, it also sets her apart, placing her in a league of her own. In 2019, her perseverance yielded results when she was signed to a publishing deal.

Ashley Elle breaks emotional boundaries in “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy,” proving she stands in a class of her own. Radiating an aura of familiarity, she provides listeners with an invitation to work through deep emotional turmoil and not feel so alone. “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is now available to stream and download on all digital platforms. Follow Ashley Elle’s musical journey and upcoming releases by following her on Instagram @AashleyElle and visiting her website at AshleyElleMusic.com.