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From the beautiful central coast of California, Black Match consists of singer- songwriter duo of Hannah and Ian. They have been friends since childhood and grew up playing music together.

Ian comes from a rich history of musicians in the family that go as far back as his great grandfather while Hannah uses music as therapy to more clearly process the world around her. Their name and musical style reflect the coastal and woodsy landscape they have grown up in and they have aimed to create music that draws us into contemplation and wonder through honest and raw songwriting.

Press Releases

07.23.19//Black Match Releases New Single “Cover Your Eyes”

Black Match Releases New Single “Cover Your Eyes”

Acoustic-Folk Duo Tackles the Human Condition of Alienation on Latest Track

 Los Angeles, CA -  Known for their candid, emotional tracks, Black Match gracefully expresses the universal human condition of loneliness on their new single, “Cover Your Eyes.” The dream-folk duo explore the dark places we often fall into, that require human connection to pull us out. “Cover Your Eyes” is reminiscent of a foggy drive through the mountains right before dawn; by the time the song ends, the sun is beginning to come up and the light dispels the darkness. “Cover Your Eyes” is now available to download and stream worldwide.

“Cover Your Eyes” begins with guitar chords that convey a dark, anxious place. Hannah Kenny’s gossamer voice gently pulls the listener in with ethereal harmonies and raw lyrics that feel like pages from a journal. Ian Kizanis compliments Kenny almost instantly with supporting vocals like a north star. Together the two trapeze the space of helping a loved one out of a dark place. “It takes a person close to them to jump into the trenches and work through the hardship with them,” they explain. “If someone cares to meet them there, and is indeed let in, then a certain magic happens as you sit in the dark with someone you love, no longer alone, navigating the way out. We hope the song inspires us all not only to be there for others, but also to let others into our dark places.”

Hannah Kenny was raised in a family that valued musicianship and began to see the therapeutic effects of music while she was singing in college. She credits Adele as her biggest influence with her strong voice and honest songwriting. Kizanis began playing classical piano with his father at the age of five. Many of his musical influences are techniques like cinematic scoring, the use of orchestra, old pianos and soundscapes. Kizanis developed a passion for guitar and singing, with classical inspirations like Frédéric Chopin and modern inspirations like James Vincent McMorrow. Kenny and Kizanis have been playing together for twelve years, two of those as Black Match. With sounds reminiscent of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Of Monsters and Men, Black Match’s recent singles have collected over 400K plays on Spotify. Their music was also in the upcoming feature film Coast produced by Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained) and Sonya Lunsford (The Help), the movie is currently in post production, and is set to hit the film festival circuit worldwide later this year.

“Cover Your Eyes” is available now for download and streaming worldwide. Keep in touch with Black Match by visiting BlackMatchMusic.com.