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Bri Oglu

Bri Oglu is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and cinematic pop artist. Her love for singing and music of almost any genre under the sun shone through from a young age and carries into her work today as she possesses the ability to create versatile songs that showcase the varying textures of her voice and her multiple influences from her youth.

Bri’s childhood was suspended between two musical worlds: her mother’s midwestern roots of country and pop, and her father and adoptive mother’s love of classic rock, 80s music, and jazz. She spent her younger years writing songs and emulating the artists she heard on the radio and around the house: Ann Wilson (Heart), Britney Spears, Shania Twain and Dido to name a few. In high school, she joined chorus, theatre and a local gospel choir. She fell in love with the visceral sounds of Idina Menzel as well as a high school sweetheart who introduced her to metal and alt-rock.

After school, she moved to Los Angeles to initially pursue acting due to the intimidating, robust nature of the music scene. While working at a karaoke bar and gigging around town, she was exposed to jazz and soul music, adding the final ingredient to her diversely influenced sound. Her path led her back to her ultimate passion in music, and she has continued to pursue her career as an artist ever since. When venues shut down during the pandemic, Bri focused on writing and recording her 6-track EP, Somewhere Else. The collection showcases her sultry, but powerful voice and pairs with a cinematic pop production style crafted by artist / producer Will Snyder. Her EP is set to release this fall. For more information visit BriOglu.com.

Press Releases

01.17.23//Bri Oglu Explores The Duality Of Breakups In “Enough” Music Video

Bri Oglu Explores The Duality Of Breakups In “Enough” Music Video

Los Angeles Artist Opens Up In a Bittersweet And Intimate Visual

Los Angeles, CA - Cinematic pop artist Bri Oglu has released the official music video for her single “Enough,” a sultry-pop ballad that explores the complexities of heartbreak, addiction, and the resilience of leaving behind a toxic relationship. The official music video for “Enough” is available to watch on YouTube. The single is off Somewhere Else, her latest EP, which is now streaming on Spotify.

“Enough” recounts the loss of a relationship in an unconventional growth mindset, celebrating the strength of letting go of a toxic dynamic. Alternating between personal, penetrating shots and fading memories, Bri Oglu’s performance breaks the fourth wall while also letting the viewers into intimate snapshots of the relationship. “I wanted the video to depict the highs and lows of dating someone unwell,” she explains, “juxtaposed by the light and sense of self that surfaces when you move on.” Through transparency which is both heartbreaking and hopeful, Bri Oglu prioritizes taking control of her life.

The video is directed by Jacquie DiTroia, shot by Alex Velasco and stars the artist alongside Will Snyder, who also produced the single. It holds a nostalgic and bittersweet feeling: the hardship of letting go is privy to tenderness and affection in wishing a past partner happiness and love. The melancholic breakup scenes contrast with Oglu’s healing, emerging from a picture of confidence, someone who’s not afraid to face difficult situations.

Bri Oglu’s storytelling is complex and layered in her lyrics, which in the “Enough” music video are paired with profound shots and visuals. Inspired by an acting and musical theater background and raised with musical influences ranging from Amy Winehouse to Idina Menzel allowed Oglu to create an emotive, soulful pop sound that is showcased more than ever on her latest EP, Somewhere Else. Her music has been touted by LA Music Review, Mundane Magazine, Naluda Magazine, and more.

The “Enough” music video shows the possibilities of reclaiming one’s independence and happiness, while reserving kindness and acceptance for the way a relationship ended. The final puzzle piece to Bri Oglu’s EP, Somewhere Else, repurposes heartbreak as learning and combines alt-pop with cinematic production. Make sure to watch the “Enough” music video on YouTube, and keep up with Bri Oglu on her website at BriOglu.com.

12.01.22//Bri Oglu Gives Listeners A Post Pandemic Escape With Debut EP Somewhere Else

Bri Oglu Gives Listeners A Post Pandemic Escape With Debut EP Somewhere Else

Cinematic Pop Artist Opens Up About Taking a Mental Break From Everyday Life

Los Angeles, CA - Bri Oglu has released her debut EP Somewhere Else. This six-track piece is a collection of originals and covers that come together to allow the listener to escape. Building on her deep, cinematic-pop sound, this EP connects with a range of listeners and is now available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

Somewhere Else is the final chapter after the successful release of her previous four singles. “Slowly,” “Enough,” and her epic covers of “Dream On” and “Genie in a Bottle,” were Bri Oglu’s introduction to this world, and she has truly laid the foundation for this EP to make waves. The EP features an unreleased Soundgarden cover and a new original track, "#1.” “#1” shows the struggle of watching someone you love choose another person when you know it's over, but there is still a sense of possession. Her powerful vocals mixed with booming instrumentation piece this track together perfectly. The soulful pop singer says she wrote this EP as a way to escape the world around here. "This EP was a product of the pandemic,” Oglu explains. “It was something to focus my attention on and look forward to when the live music scene shut down. It was the ‘somewhere else’ in my head, a compilation of songs written when I was anything but present, and my escape." Featuring lyrics such as, “even though it's not about you, I just don’t wanna be replaced” Oglu is really opening her heart and mind within these six tracks. With unique and cinematic production from Will Snyder and mixing by Tim Latham (Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas), it is no doubt this EP will impress.

Bri Oglu grew up listening to pop icons like Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain but found comfort in rock, soul, and jazz as well. Her background in musical theater and growing up singing along to radio hits lead Oglu to always have a deep passion for singing. Having roots in acting and theater lead her music to have cinematic qualities to them that visualize the stories behind her music. Her music has been praised by CelebMix, PopWrapped, Naluda Magazine, LA Music Review, and more. She has racked up over 53K streams on Spotify, an impressive feat for an artist who only debuted over the summer.

Making her mark with her debut EP, Bri Oglu is setting the perfect tone for the rest of her career with Somewhere Else. Filled with unique styling, lyricism, and vocals, Bri Oglu is an artist to watch. Be sure to stream Somewhere Else on all digital platforms and keep up to date with her at BriOglu.com.

10.13.22//Bri Oglu Explores the Truths of Heartbreak with New Single “Enough”

Bri Oglu Explores the Truths of Heartbreak with New Single “Enough”

Cinematic Pop Artist Gives Positive Take on Breakups

Los Angeles, CA – Bri Oglu has released her latest single, “Enough.” This sultry-pop piece explores the open and honest experience of heartbreak, toxic relationships, and the conscious decision to leave. “Enough” is currently available on all digital platforms worldwide.

“Enough” is the second installment of Bri Oglu’s debut EP, Somewhere Else. Diving headfirst into the ugly truths of heartbreak, relationships, and a love story without a happy ending, Oglu is able to tell this sad tale not from a low place, but from a place of growth, love, and wishing someone well even after a negative experience. Her alluring voice and captivating lyrics tell the story of a close friend of Oglu. "I wrote this song through both my eyes and the eyes of my closest friend who had been in a relationship with an addict,” says Oglu. “Initially, the chorus was about seeking clarity, but when I began collaborating with the producer, we ended up rewriting it to be about moving on and growth. The change felt right and like growth in and of itself." Her lyrics, co-written by producer Will Snyder, speak from the heart as she says, “hope you find some peace, hope you fall in love,” and “hope you remember me and know you’re enough.” She forgivingly addresses the past partner by wishing them well and reminding them that there still is a chance at love even if it isn’t with her. With production by Snyder, mixing by Tim Latham, and mastering by Sterling Sound’s Idania Valencia, “Enough” is a blend of heartache and genuine well wishes tied together by Oglu’s unique alt-pop sound.

Growing up, Bri Oglu began writing songs with inspiration from her mother’s love for rock and pop and her father’s passion for 80s and jazz music. With roots in acting and musical theater, it is clear why her storytelling is so complex throughout her lyrics in both “Enough” and her previous single, “Slowly.” Being raised with musical influences ranging from Amy Winehouse to Idina Menzel allowed Oglu to create a cinematic, soulful pop sound that will be showcased more than ever on her EP. Her debut single, “Slowly,” was touted by LA Music Review, Mundane Magazine, Naluda Magazine, and more.

Bri Oglu’s “Enough” leaves the listener wanting to hear more of her story, to be told on her forthcoming EP, Somewhere Else. Emphasizing her alt-pop voice combined with distinctive production and artistic instrumentation, fans are sure to continue to hear more from Bri Oglu as she releases more projects. Make sure to stream “Enough” on all digital platforms, and follow her online at BriOglu.com.

08.25.22//Bri Oglu Explores the Space Between Love and Loss In New Single “Slowly”

Bri Oglu Explores the Space Between Love and Loss In New Single “Slowly”

Pop Artist Articulates Living in the Unknowns of Love

Los Angeles, CA - Bri Oglu has released her debut single, “Slowly,” an alt-pop exploration of the brief moments following a confession of love. The song talks about living in the unknown and being unsure if one is at the beginning of a new romance or at the end of a friendship. “Slowly” is currently available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

“Slowly” truly sets the tone for who Bri Oglu is both as an artist and songwriter. The track, off the rising star’s forthcoming EP, follows themes of love, potential loss, and growth. These themes reoccur throughout Oglu’s creations as she uses her raw emotions and detailed storytelling to express a relatable experience through her lyrics. The soulful-pop artist stated that this single is actually something she wrote a few years back and later revisited. “I wrote this song in 2019 and then shelved it because I couldn’t quite figure out its voice,” Oglu shares. “I wrote it about the person who ended up producing it years later; it was a pretty surreal full-circle moment.” With lyrics such as, “why is it before the rise we feel so small?” and “if I’m gonna lose you, please don’t say it just yet,” Oglu gracefully describes the anxieties of facing the unknown. Adding onto an epic, cinematic production from Will Snyder alongside Oglu’s sweet yet unique vocal textures, this song is sure to make a listener feel moved. “Slowly” was mastered at Sterling Sound by Idania Valencia (Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, X Ambassadors).

Bri Oglu draws her musical influences from a wide range of artists and genres. While she enjoys the grit of Amy Winehouse and the boldness of rock music, she also dabbles in jazz, soul and even has a background in musical theater. Oglu made it evident that music and singing is her ultimate passion. “I was initially intimidated by the scene, so I leaned into acting (another passion) — I procured an agent and manager and started going on auditions while working at a karaoke bar (I got into trouble a couple of times for singing too much on the job). I ironically ended up working way more as a singer than actor and went with it.”

As a rising artist, Bri Oglu is coming out of the gate strong with her first single, “Slowly,” with more music to come. With a unique vocal tone, bold instrumentations, and emotionally evoking lyrics, Bri Oglu is an artist that is coming into her own and exploring new ways to push musical boundaries. Be sure to stream “Slowly” on all digital platforms, and keep up to date with Bri at BriOglu.com.