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Courtney Govan


Joshua Hammond



Courtney Govan is an independent queer pop singer from San Diego, California known for playing the "Auditor" on season 1 of "I Can See Your Voice" on FOX.  Her original song Serotonin went viral on tiktok and landed Courtney on her first Spotify editorial playlist, Fresh Finds Pop: Best of 2021. In just two years, Courtney has amassed over 2 million streams across all streaming platforms.

Her introspective approach to songwriting brings a refreshing twist to today's pop music. With human empowerment on her mind Courtney uses her own life experiences to connect with her listeners and hopefully help them through the tough stuff that life throws their way.

Courtney, on top of writing and releasing her music with various producers such as Pascal Pahl and the MoonTonez, has created quite the following on tiktok where she shares her music career journey, participates in fun trends and most importantly speaks out about social issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ & plus size community.