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Jenny Stenger

Jenny Stenger has recently made her mark on the "sad girl pop" scene. Starting with her first single, “Better,” released in January of 2022- Jenny makes songs that speak to complex human emotions and experiences, hoping that sharing her own story can help others feel less alone in theirs. The roots of Stenger's music run deep through the small town that she grew up in, with many stories and relationships that inspire her music originating there. Stenger's debut album Trying My Best, released in November of 2022, sheds light on topics like unrequited love, jealousy, and mental illness, bringing her songwriting vision to life and making her mark on the industry.

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10.02.23//Jenny Stenger Whispers To Our Hearts in New Single “Rose Colored Lenses”

Jenny Stenger Whispers To Our Hearts in New Single “Rose Colored Lenses”

Los Angeles, CA – In the hauntingly beautiful melody of "Rose Colored Lenses," Jenny Stenger carries listeners through the delicate dance of falling in love. The artist tells an all-too-familiar story that evokes the complex emotions of those who have experienced the simultaneous euphoria and apprehension of new love. “Rose Colored Lenses” is available now on streaming platforms.

Listening to “Rose Colored Lenses'' reminds you of that feeling when you take off your love goggles and let the anxiety of love wash all over you. With chilling lines such as, “Are we just wasting our time putting off the inevitable” and “walking the very fine line between love and being comfortable,” Stenger spills her relatable thoughts onto paper. She accurately captures that feeling when you love someone so badly that you have this painful fear it will go away.

"This song is about falling in love while being hyper-aware of everything that could go wrong. What I like about this song is that it shows that multiple things can be true at once,” Stenger explains. “Falling in love was one of the best things I’ve experienced, but it also sparked a lot of fears and unresolved issues I had within myself, and I’m glad I’m sharing the experience of starting a new relationship from the perspective of someone with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt."

Produced by Seth Wentland and featuring Brady Sossaman on guitar, the music sets the perfect backdrop for the rollercoaster of emotions depicted in the lyrics. The melody rises and falls like the unpredictable tide of feelings, and the harmonies echo the complexity of love's emotional terrain. As Stenger’s voice trembles with vulnerability, we are reminded that opening oneself to love requires an immense amount of courage, especially when battling the weight of internal struggles. "Rose Colored Lenses" whispers to our hearts that it's okay to feel a whirlwind of emotions when embarking on a new relationship. She reassures us that we're not alone in our fears and hesitations and that it's possible to find beauty even in the midst of uncertainty.

Jenny Stenger has recently made her way into the ever-so-thriving "sad girl pop" scene. Entering with her first single, "Better," in January 2022, Stenger creates music that delves into the complicated and emotional human experience. By narrating her personal journey and opening up through music, she hopes to make others feel less alone. The essence of Stenger's musical compositions is inspired by her stories of growing up as a small-town girl. Her first album, Trying My Best, released in November 2022, illuminates themes such as unreciprocated affection, envy, and psychological struggles. This release breathes life into her artistic vision and establishes her indelible presence within the industry.

Jenny Stenger has crafted a musical masterpiece that both resonates with those who have walked the path of love, anxiety, and self-discovery and celebrates the intricate mosaic of emotions that make us human. Stream “Rose Colored Glass” on all digital music platforms now. Stay connected to her musical journey by following her on Instagram @JennyStenger.