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Juniper Honey is a growing alt-rock band originally out of Southern California, but now based in San Luis Obispo. Original members Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their journey together in 2020, playing various venues from SoCal to the Central Coast with their old band. In the later months of 2022, Jake and Don picked up guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West to officially form Juniper Honey. With a few homemade numbers, the group immediately hit the studio and plan on releasing their first studio work throughout 2023.

Press Releases

08.31.23//Juniper Honey Unleashes Their Single “Another Morning”

Juniper Honey Unleashes Their Single “Another Morning”

San Luis Obispo, CA – Rising indie outfit Juniper Honey has shared their candid new single, "Another Morning.” A commentary on the weight of burnout in today's fast-paced world, the track uses captivating lyricism and immersive, energetic instrumentals to highlight the deeply-intimate connection that unites and exhausts us all. With a laid-back blend of sounds that reflect the essence of the Central Coast slacker rock scene, "Another Morning" offers a musical escape for anyone seeking solace and resonance in their life journey. It is available on various digital platforms now.

Juniper Honey's artistry shines through in their beautifully crafted songwriting, enabling a wide range of listeners to enjoy the musical experience and connect deeply with the profound message woven into their latest single. With their latest melodic creation, “Another Morning,” they craft the perfect summer anthem, evoking images of cruising along Highway 1 and watching the sunrise on Avila Beach.

In 2020, Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their musical journey together, collaborating on various projects and performing at numerous shows across California. Later in 2022, they welcomed Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass) into their ranks, and Juniper Honey was born. Drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of classic rock and folk-rock from the 60s and 70s, Juniper Honey seamlessly blends dreamy whimsicality with the vibrant energy characteristic of alternative rock bands. The band's diversity is not limited to their musical influences, as their themes explore a wide range of subjects, including the complexities of coming-of-age, romance, and heartbreak. At the core of their musical style lies a commitment to vibrant and authentic storytelling. Earlier this year, Juniper Honey released their self-titled debut album, which they entirely recorded at home. Now, the band is eager to venture into the realm of studio-produced music, bringing their quintessential indie flair, expressive vocals, and animated storytelling to new stages and audiences.

“Another Morning” opens doors for a new chapter in the band’s emotional expression. Soaring beyond mere entertainment, this remarkable track from Juniper Honey resonates as a shared experience, uniting hearts and souls through the magic of music. Stay connected to their musical journey by following them on Instagram @JuniperHoneyMusic.

07.07.23//Uncovering Indecision With Juniper Honey’s New Single “Why Did You Call?”

Uncovering Indecision With Juniper Honey’s New Single “Why Did You Call?”

San Luis Obispo, CA - With an EP release and a string of new singles under their belt already, 2023 has been a thriving year for ambitious indie rock outfit Juniper Honey, but not a year without heartbreak. Their latest single, “Why Did You Call?” capitalizes on this sentiment. Through animated guitar pacing and a charismatic backbeat, the band depicts the transcendent feelings of optimism surrounding the all-too-relatable experience of a relationship slipping through the cracks. “Why Did You Call?” is now available to stream digitally on all major platforms.

Crafted with a myriad of distinctly resilient attitudes in mind, this track explores the headspace of an artist rife with indecision, without ever taking itself too seriously. At its core, this track grapples with mindful observations of unrequited feelings grafted together with the hope inspired by a cryptic phone call, where the song receives its name. Its sonic textures range from a boyishly carefree front presented by jangly pop-infused guitars, to driving strumming patterns and evocative power chords that confess lead singer Jake Hesse’s vocal frustration. While the situation establishes a darker context all but spelling the end of a relationship, it’s hard not to feel captivated by the hopelessly romantic band’s laid-back style and aspirant perspective.

Juniper Honey’s dynamically whimsical, and undeniably indie sound can be traced back to their upbringings in Southern California, where the band began in 2020. Inspired by energetic rhythms and innovative melodies of significant artists such as The Beatles or Wilco, their sound balances the nostalgia of vintage folk noise, with pristine production and strategic distortion. Their music delves into themes that resonate with younger generations, exploring the trials of coming-of-age, matters of the heart, and a range of eclectic introspection. With the release of their entirely home-recorded, self-titled debut EP being released earlier this year; they are now poised to bring their quintessentially breezy sound, expressive vocals, and animated storytelling to new audiences. The band is composed of frontman Jake Hesse, drummer Donovan Hess, guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West, and have garnered praise from outlets such as Under The Radar, Grimy Goods, The Luna Collective, and Wolf in a Suit.

Emerging indie rock group Juniper Honey’s new single is nothing if not accessible. Their colorful riffs and emotionally compelling lyrics speak for themselves as they continue to find support. Stream “Why Did You Call?” on all major digital platforms, and keep up with their musical journey through their website JuniperHoneyMusic.com and Instagram @JuniperHoneyMusic.

05.26.23//Juniper Honey's "Looking At You" Describes Longing for Missed Connections

Juniper Honey's "Looking At You" Describes Longing for Missed Connections

San Luis Obispo, CA - Born out of an all-too-common tale, Juniper Honey’s brand new single “Looking At You” details a story of unfulfilled potential and opportunities squandered. With an upbeat vibe and colorful lyrics, the indie rock band describes the experience of falling in love with a stranger you see out in public and never gaining the courage to approach them. Haunted by this lost chance at love, the track feels painstakingly relatable to those who have experienced a similar struggle. “Looking At You” is streaming now on digital platforms worldwide.

Written with the pieces of a story in mind, Juniper Honey describes the feeling of longing for a person they have never met. “Looking At You” perfectly articulates how these lost connections can stick out in one’s mind for much longer than anticipated. In an artful fusion of silky vocals, enchanting guitar riffs, and energetic drums, the track feels almost dreamy, depicting a romanticized recount of this stranger that the artist has painted in their head. “This one was really fun to work on in the studio,” lead vocalist Jake Hesse claims. “I can perfectly remember us jamming to this one as we were creating it and just being thrilled with what we were hearing.” With the help of producer Stefan Mac (Wallows, Young the Giant), “Looking At You,” alongside Juniper Honey’s other releases, is just as vivid in its storytelling as it is relatable in its subject matter.

While Juniper Honey’s origins can be found in Southern California, they have recently established new roots in San Luis Obispo. Kicking off in 2020, original members Jake Hesse (lead vocalist and guitarist) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their journey by playing gigs across Southern California and up the central coast with their previous band. In 2022, the pair joined forces with guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West to officially form the alternative rock foursome that they are today. In the short time span of their career, Juniper Honey’s sound has developed into something unique to their craft. Dynamic, emotionally charged, and vibrant, they balance whimsical, hazy indie, and bombastic, vintage rock. They touch on themes that hit home with younger generations, such as the growing pains of coming-of-age, romance and heartbreak, and other eclectic ideas. Their music has been praised by Grimy GoodsThe Luna Collective and Wolf in a Suit.

With a sizable discography under their belt and a bank of unreleased singles, Juniper Honey’s career is only just beginning. Listen to “Looking At You” now on all major music platforms, and be sure to check out more of Juniper Honey on their website JuniperHoneyMusic.com and Instagram @JuniperHoneyMusic.

04.13.23//Juniper Honey Endure Gut-Wrenching Pain In "Stone Me"

Juniper Honey Endure Gut-Wrenching Pain In "Stone Me"

San Luis Obispo, CA - Juniper Honey has released their latest single, “Stone Me,” an alternative rock track that sees the indie rock band throw their hat into the ring of heartbreak songs – sharing a dynamic, emotionally charged performance reminiscent of early to mid-2000s bands. “Stone Me” is available to stream and download on all major digital platforms.

“Stone Me” follows the immediate aftermath of a breakup, grappling with the oceans of the distance between two people through an all-consuming rhythm and passionate vocals. In the track, Juniper Honey harnesses the emotional emptiness that emerges after disappointment and turns it into an exploration of what it means to feel lonely: an ache both dull and twistedly comforting, a staggering mix of desperation, regret, and disbelief. “Stone Me” makes it clear that Juniper Honey knows a thing or two about heartbreak and its inevitability as part of human experiences – how it cannot be avoided, but often simply needs to be embraced, and felt to the brim. Abandoning himself to this acknowledgment, lead singer Jake Hesse opens up about regrets shared by himself and the other band members, turning the bleak nature of heartbreak into an impetuous fervor that has the track glowing with emotional intensity. The puzzling, brazen feelings of “Stone Me” are memorable – standing out against a plethora of heartache repertoires – making the song a vivid, gritty, electric melancholy anthem.

The track was written by Hesse “on a very rainy night sitting on [his] bed in [his] dorm room,” in a fitting moment of pathetic fallacy which saw emotions flooding through with the catastrophic intensity of a calamity, but with the knowledge that he would emerge on the other side. This resulted in lines like, “The weather’s changing slowly / So leave it all behind, babe,” in a plea to forget the disappointment and start fresh. “Stone Me” was produced by Stefan Mac, who is best known for his work with Wallows, Palaye Royale, and Young the Giant, and developed collaboratively with the whole band into a layered sonic and emotional experience.

Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) started playing music together in multiple projects in 2020, performing at shows all over California before their lineup expanded in late 2022, adding Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass), forming what is now Juniper Honey. Drawing inspiration from classic rock and folk-rock from the 60s and 70s, Juniper Honey fuses the hazy whimsicality with bright, energetic elements of alternative rock bands. Eclectic in their themes as they are in their influences, the band touches on the confusions of coming-of-age, romance, and heartbreak, prioritizing vibrant and authentic storytelling at the center of their music projects. After having entirely home-recorded their self-titled debut album which was released earlier this year, Juniper Honey is looking to step into studio-produced music and bring their quintessentially indie breezy, expressive vocals, and animated storytelling to new stages and audiences.

Emerging indie rock outfit Juniper Honey is defining their sound with “Stone Me” and its commitment to feeling your feelings amidst dramatics and disappointment. Stream “Stone Me” now on all major music platforms, and be sure to check out more of Juniper Honey on their website JuniperHoneyMusic.com and Instagram @juniperhoneymusic.