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Leezy is a master of contrasts.

At just 21 years old, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter exudes a wisdom far beyond her years. Leezy is unable to remember a time when she wasn’t singing — she recalls a musical childhood, surrounded by theater and the arts. She’s kept a daily journal since she was ten years old, always ready to be in touch with her internal dialogue.

At first, Leezy was resistant to the idea of pursuing music seriously, considering it a refreshing hobby. In a role reversal not experienced by many young creatives, it was actually her mother who encouraged her to consider a professional route, even buying her an electric keyboard. Leezy continued writing and recorded her first song upon arriving in Chicago at age 18.

Following her youth in the Bay Area, Leezy faced (and overcame) a new challenge. Young adulthood proved to be a battlefield of depression and addiction for the artist, and she made the decision to admit herself into treatment. Her time there was healing in more ways than one: not only was Leezy able to receive professional help, she also began to see her music in a new light. From a talent show among other patients to times of introspection during outpatient treatment, Leezy realized that music was, in fact, her calling. Becoming sober at nineteen is a victory in and of itself, and Leezy was ready to dive into the next chapter of her life with enthusiasm.

Now, Leezy has worked to lock in her own sound, never relinquishing the memory of her darker chapters. Managing to incorporate the rock elements of the late 90s and early 2000s into her bright sound, Leezy matches her penchant for the gritty and authentic with her honest stories. She is inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith but speaks to a new generation with her unique life experience, hoping to make listeners feel less alone in their individual journeys, particularly other young people.

Her latest single, “Sierra,” is a hopeful, dramatic ode to the resilience of the human spirit and will be available everywhere on March 11th. With vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, honesty in the style of Billie Eilish, and a full backing band to bring everything to life, “Sierra” is Leezy’s most vulnerable work yet — an impressive feat, considering her existing catalogue.

In her own words, Leezy describes the track as a chronicle of her journey from rock bottom to sobriety, an accomplishment for which she recently acknowledged the two-year mark. "The biggest thing is that the song is about my own personal journey, and that's where I drew inspiration from — but regardless of if you've struggled with addiction, everyone has struggled with something, and everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to get better."

She shares that once she got sober, a flurry of emotions came flooding in. The song spilled out of her, almost organically, in a moment she describes as a cathartic process. “Sierra” is a reminder of how far the young artist has come and an exciting window into all the stories she still has to share.

Leezy is continuing to hone her craft and looks forward to the day she and her piano can connect with audiences face to face. She is a singer-songwriter crafting a world of dream-pop — and inviting the listener in to spend time with her there.

After all, she says, there’s nothing better than a Hollywood ending.

Press Releases

10.14.22//Leezy's Metanoia Is A Haunting Story of Addiction, Love, and Anger

Leezy's Metanoia Is A Haunting Story of Addiction, Love, and Anger

Chicago, IL — In a haunting musical masterpiece, rising dream pop artist, Leezy, tells a beautiful story surrounding the complexity of raw human experiences with her debut album Metanoia. A perfect concoction of bold lyrics and ethereal production, Leezy creates a captivating exposition of her struggles with addiction, love, sexuality, anger, power, and more. Metanoia is now available for streaming on all platforms worldwide.

As a whole, Metanoia is an evocative compilation of some of Leezy’s most honest work. With poignant lyrics in the opening track “Run” to an intense futuristic outro in “Monsters Are Waiting,” listeners are taken through the ups and downs of Leezy’s struggles. The album also includes previously released singles “Sierra” and “Cocaine Kisses,” which were touted by MundaneLoud Women, and Wolf in a Suit. Drawing from her complex past, the album is a chilling recount of Leezy’s journey through self-exploration. Depicting her struggles with mental health following her addiction and rehabilitation, her desire for power over the opposite sex, her resentment towards the world, healing her inner child, and many more personal subjects, Leezy takes these stories in stride as the album progresses. Her songwriting boasts vivid imagery and unfiltered emotion, with lyrics like, “we paint our world the darkest shades of blue,” and “a pencil filled with poison lead, she won’t take her medicine.” Coupled with masterful production and a pure vocal that provides catharsis to the emotive melodies, Metanoia is a harmonious combination of both dreams and nightmares.

Using writing as a form of self-expression is something that Leezy has put into practice for many years. At age 16, she tried her hand at turning journal entries into song lyrics. From then on, creating music has helped this dream-pop artist cope with some of her darkest periods. She channeled her feelings into her music, drawing lyrical inspiration from artists like Elliot Smith and Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. After releasing an independent EP in early 2019, Leezy checked herself into addiction rehabilitation, which brought forth realization, self-love, and confidence – all of which led her to pursue music full-time and begin working on her debut album, Metanoia.

Metanoia accomplishes this task with Leezy’s articulative lyrics, captivating vocal tone, and dreamy instrumentals for those who want to embark on a complex emotional journey. To keep up with Leezy on her next musical endeavor, check out her website leezymusic.com, follow her on Instagram @leezymusic69 and TikTok @leezy, and stream her debut album.

08.01.22//Leezy Reflects on Addiction with New Single “Cocaine Kisses”

Leezy Reflects on Addiction with New Single “Cocaine Kisses”

Chicago, IL – Dream pop artist Leezy has released her newest single, “Cocaine Kisses.” Combining soft, breathy vocals and hauntingly beautiful harmonies with a melancholy bassline, the track narrates a relationship romanticized by drug use. “Cocaine Kisses” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.


“Cocaine Kisses” follows themes of drug-induced vulnerability found in Leezy’s previously-released singles. The track, however, focuses more on the high of the moment and the somewhat flawed link between a romantic relationship and the high of a drug. “It’s about how I used to associate a certain drug-induced experience with a person or relationship,” Leezy explains. “I was able to ignore a lot of red flags because of how good it felt to be high in the moment.” Melancholy lyrics like, “I can’t feel my heart when I’m high on you” depict Leezy’s post-rehab reflection on the seduction of addiction. She credits the song’s narrative to her own experience as a former addict who glamourized drug use. “Although it may seem like a drug can ‘make you better,’ a love affair with substances is always toxic — full of ups and downs, break-ups and make-ups,” Leezy confesses.


For Leezy, creating music has always been about sharing her story. She writes music as part of a cathartic way to recover from her experience with trauma, substance abuse, and depression, and her writing is primarily a way to heal her younger self. “My music is created out of my own personal experiences,” she explains. “Therefore, I am influenced by a young girl with lots of innocence to lose.” Leezy describes herself as an old soul with a youthful spirit, and those themes of duality are present in the way that her music explores the paradoxes of life. Provoking the feeling of stillness amidst chaos, Leezy’s music is honest and vulnerable about the realities of both addiction and healing.


Leezy is an expressive singer-songwriter who showcases her authenticity through the storytelling of her personal experiences. Her new single “Cocaine Kisses'' narrates a whirlwind romance while recognizing that the relationship has been romanticized by drug use. “Cocaine Kisses'' can now be streamed on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Leezy’s musical journey of recovery, visit LeezyMusic.com and follow her on Instagram at @LeezyMusic69.

03.11.22//Leezy Releases New Single & Music Video “Sierra”

Leezy Releases New Single & Music Video “Sierra”

Chicago, IL – Dream pop artist Leezy has released her latest single "Sierra," along with an accompanying music video. The track opens with a haunting beginning, focusing on Leezy's melancholic vocals, and slowly evolves, adding heavy instrumentation to a climax. "Sierra" is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

"Sierra" conveys to listeners Leezy's journey to healing and acceptance. The track and video focus on the highly personal phases of recovery. "I wrote this song on the piano in the cafeteria of my rehab,” confesses Leezy. “The idea behind the song sonically was that it would reflect my journey to sobriety.” The song begins with a soft piano and an emphasis on Leezy's angelic vocals, eventually building to a rougher and edgier sonic landscape with brooding guitars. The track moves back and forth between calmness and chaos, with sonic uneasiness depicting her struggle with addiction. The song's final moments bring stillness to listeners, representing the beginning of the healing process. The accompanying music video, directed by Yoni Azulay, showcases her journey showing the dichotomy between the darkness and the light.

Leezy has been singing for most of her life. Her childhood was spent being closely involved in the theater and the arts. She began writing when she was ten years old; everyday ramblings started to morph into songs after her mother gifted her a piano for her 16th birthday. Not too long after, Leezy moved to Chicago where she met friend and producer NEDO, who helped bring to life some of her songs that ended up becoming her debut EP, Dear Diary. Following the record's release, Leezy received treatment for addiction, which allowed her to build confidence and self-love and gave her the clarity and the drive to fervently chase her musical dreams. Leezy's latest release “Sierra” is an ode to her recovery center, telling the journey towards sobriety.

"Everyone has struggled with something, and everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to get better," explains Leezy on how listeners can relate to the track. “Sierra” is now available to stream or download on digital music platforms worldwide. The music video is available on her YouTube channel. Make sure to stay up to date with Leezy by following her Instagram @LeezyMusic69 and Tik Tok @Leezy.