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Natalie Lauren

Art is where we wander until our voice finds us. And like all truth, it finds us eventually. As stubborn as a sunrise, arriving to set the captives of darkness free, Natalie Lauren’s work is the “Art of Liberation.”

In the spirit of unrelenting audacity inherited from her hometown, the same womb that birthed Black Wall Street; Natalie Lauren is a multi-sensory storyteller. Advocating for untold stories of black women is a burden too significant to be restricted to one medium. So Natalie has set out to master a mixed media form of storytelling, utilizing Songwriting, Painting, and Creative Direction. Her art is an homage created to disrupt the silence and the monolithic identity seeking to oppress black women into a digestible narrative for everyone else but themselves. Natalie aims to curate a safe space for black women to explore the fullness of their humanity found in radical BEING instead of consistent DOING.

On her journey as an interdisciplinary artist, she has been instrumental in contributing to Grammy award-winning music and platinum-selling artists, all while directing visual pieces that have won the applause of TIME magazine and their peers. Currently, she is the founder and leader of Native Creative, a boutique creative agency for independent artists, and Curios Green, a 501 (c)3 non-profit re-imaging therapy for African American teens through the intersection of horticulture and environmental art.

Press Releases

02.25.22//Billboard Charting Songwriter Natalie Lauren Debuts “Swoonin’”

Billboard Charting Songwriter Natalie Lauren Debuts “Swoonin’”

Tulsa, OK – Billboard charting songwriter Natalie Lauren has just released her new single, “Swoonin’.” The song reflects the whirlwind of feelings that exist between welcoming a new crush and embracing the presence of love again. Drenched in silken vocals and infectious melodies, Lauren treats audiences to a track that feels as sonically powerful as its message of permission to explore yourself and intimacy in all its forms. This is the first single from her forthcoming album  set to drop later this year. “Swoonin’” is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide.

Natalie Lauren has written chart-topping music for artists including Tori Kelly, Iggy Azalea, Lecrae and Chris Brown. Lauren’s songwriting prowess is evident from her impressive and ever-growing repertoire that includes music featured on HBO’s Insecure. With “Swoonin’” she offers us music that is entirely her own, written from a place of being, audacity and radical honesty. Produced by Swoope, Hyper Violet and co-written with her writing partner WJ Lofton, “Swoonin’” encapsulates what it feels like to say yes to the present without negotiating with fear. As a black queer artist, Lauren’s music takes inspiration from James Faunteleroy, Brandy, Frank Ocean, Toni Morrison, Audre Lorde, and WJ Lofton. These inspirations have helped her find language for  her own story and take control of her narrative.

Natalie Lauren grew up in a household where the exploration of music and artistry was  encouraged. She wrote her first song at age 11 in the back of her mother’s station wagon. At 14, she started exploring production and recording with her uncle, the late Wayman Tisdale. “I've always been surrounded by musicians who taught me to write. In college, I lived with two gospel singers Deitrick Haddon and Damita Chandler , who really helped me shape my writing skills.” When Lauren isn't honing her musical talents, she is sharing her prodigious gifts for painting and creative direction that echo her passion for equality, justice, and radical self-love. Lauren is the creative director for the country's largest Junteeth celebration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and for the upcoming Beloved Benefit in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Swoonin’” is now available to download and stream on music platforms worldwide. Keep up with Natalie Lauren as she continues to release more music by following her on Instagram @NatalieLaurenSims and TikTok @iamNatalieLauren.