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Payson Lewis

Pop artists sometimes get a bad rap these days, but Payson is fighting back.  Armed with his intoxicating positive energy, Payson delivers music that you can’t help but move to. Payson’s brand is a garden of 80’s and 90’s influenced pop hooks, feel-good vibes, and live-your-best-life mentality.

A Philly kid born and raised, Payson was brought up on a steady diet of his older brothers’ old cassette tapes and mom’s gluten-free cooking.  Eventually, he found his way out to Los Angeles to study music at USC.  During his studies, Payson honed his craft as a member of the internationally acclaimed collegiate a cappella group, SoCal VoCals.

Payson’s infectious charisma and natural knack for show business led him to plenty of television appearances in LA.  As a tenor, Payson’s ability to hit the high notes landed him a spot on NBC’s “The Sing Off”, a show that ran for 4 seasons and launched the career of the multi-platinum and Grammy winning group PENTATONIX. This role not only served as a major gateway for Payson as a singer but also as an actor.   His acting credits include episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, The People vs. OJ Simpson, Rules of Engagement in addition to various theatrical performances.

While acting is certainly a powerful asset within Payson’s wheelhouse, his first love and ultimate mission is music.  Payson has generated an impressive buzz, not to mention thousands of subscribers, through his popular YouTube channel.  This channel showcases Payson’s artistic spirit through his numerous cover videos.  Among the most viral of these videos was his cover of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” and a creative mashup that combined Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk” with Rihanna and Drake’s “Work.”  These two covers made their way to a wide variety of press outlets, including features from Perez Hilton.

It’s clear that Payson Lewis is a jack of many trades.  Most recently, his talent is flourishing as an artist and a songwriter.  Drawing on the influences of his youth and inspiration from his life and the world around him, Payson is creating a new band-driven pop sound that simultaneously feels new and yet, familiar.  Somewhere between Coldplay, Walk the Moon, and the 1975 is where you’ll find Payson.  And when you do, you won’t want to leave.

Press Releases

08.11.23//Payson Lewis Unleashes Electric Anthem “Blurrier”

Payson Lewis Unleashes Electric Anthem “Blurrier”

Los Angeles, CA – Acclaimed singer-songwriter Payson Lewis has unveiled his highly anticipated single, "Blurrier," a vibrant and energetic track that sets the stage for his forthcoming full-length album, Sorry To Keep You Up. With its captivating blend of upbeat melodies, electrifying guitar riffs, and introspective lyrics, "Blurrier" marks the beginning of a compelling musical journey that reflects Lewis' personal growth as an artist. “Blurrier” is available to stream and download worldwide.


"Blurrier" captures the essence of Payson Lewis' reflective adventure, as he navigates the intricacies of his time in the lively city of Los Angeles and ponders on the dreams that initially led him there. Through this compelling musical narrative, Lewis dives deep into prosperity and self-discovery, shedding light on the transformation he has undergone throughout the process.


With its soaring melodies and guitar-heavy instrumentation, "Blurrier" serves as the catalyst that propels listeners into Payson Lewis' musical odyssey. The song embodies the exhilaration and unwavering determination that fueled his younger self, brimming with the unyielding drive to achieve his aspirations and conquer life's challenges. However, as the song progresses, Lewis embarks on a path of self-reflection, exploring the profound questions that arise along his path. “We are all so hyperfocused on our own status and achievements, often at the cost of our own intrinsic human value,” Lewis explains. The powerful vocals, combined with the infectious energy of the guitar-driven song, create an irresistible sonic experience that resonates deeply with audiences, encouraging them to take a closer look at the life they have, asking themselves, is this what you really want? Is it worth it?


"Blurrier" showcases Payson Lewis’ songwriting prowess alongside co-writer Brooke Jenkins. Produced by the talented Ben Soldate, the track features a stellar lineup of musicians, including Rob Humphreys on drums, Tyler Carroll on bass, Adam Tressler on electric guitar, and additional electric guitar work by none other than Ben Soldate himself. With their combined artistry and contributions, "Blurrier" presents a seamless fusion of compelling lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, offering listeners an exhilarating musical experience.


Hailing from Philadelphia, Payson Lewis is a self-taught singer-songwriter who honed his skills by immersing himself in his brothers' music collection. After venturing to Los Angeles to pursue his musical journey at USC, Lewis quickly gained recognition for his powerful vocals and alluring performances, achieving a Top-4 finish on NBC's The Sing-Off. He recently released retrospection (19:30), featuring tracks “Back In Time” ft Leah Lewis and “Hotel Suite.” Lewis has gathered champions from publications such as CelebmixThe Honey PopParade Magazine, and Hollywood Life. Fueled by a desire to inspire positivity, Payson Lewis continues to refine his band-centric indie-pop sound, infusing it with a blend of nostalgic and contemporary elements, making a meaningful impact on the global music scene.

"Blurrier" is a testament to Payson Lewis' artistic evolution, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the transformative narrative that awaits on his highly anticipated debut album, Sorry To Keep You Up. “Blurrier” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms worldwide. Be sure to keep up with his future endeavors by following him on Instagram @PaysonLewis.

06.02.23//Payson Lewis Explores Personal Growth in EP, retrospection (19:30)

Payson Lewis Explores Personal Growth in EP, retrospection (19:30)

Los Angeles, CA – Payson Lewis has released his new EP, retrospection (19:30),  a collection of singles previously shared through the years. Following his 2018 debut EP and a string of successful singles, this indie-pop innovator assembled a collection of heartfelt songs in one place. retrospection (19:30) marks the end of an influential period in Lewis’s life, with a new era on the horizon this coming summer. The EP is available to stream and download worldwide.


retrospection (19:30) chronicles the story of a relationship gone sour, from the painful pang of recognition to the inward strife of sacrificing memories to prioritize your own well-being. Through upbeat guitar work and lavishly catchy pop melodies, Payson Lewis’s collection begs the question: how do we rediscover ourselves through intense periods of change? This EP, produced by Ben Soldate, is the product of four conscientious years of polishing, tweaking, and re-tweaking to perfect the experience he has always felt passionate about delivering. “Revisiting this material and fusing it together in one flow, as originally intended, has helped me reconnect with who I was, even just a few short years ago: a person who simultaneously feels like my long-lost best friend, and also a complete and utter stranger,” explains Lewis. “I’ve learned a lot over these years, and I owe a lot of that growth and knowledge to these songs and the process of creating them.” The EP’s complexly brooding subject matter, subverted by playfully eclectic and often danceable rhythms, extends a figurative confidence that invites listeners into a state of communal catharsis.


Payson Lewis’s immersive sound locks the audience in from the first minute and foreshadows his inevitable conflict through the EP’s opener, “Making Trouble.” With an angular riff and catapulting backbeat, this song blasts past his lyrically reluctant resolution into a blossoming glance inside his head. The resulting emotional turmoil can be felt almost instantly on tracks like previous singles, “Back In Time (feat. Leah Lewis)” and “Nothing to You,” whose defiantly independent perspective is haunted by sentiments of losing oneself forever. His vivacious pulse is carried throughout the entirety of the project, especially on “Hotel Suite,” whose funkadelic hooks and playful content serve as a momentary reprieve and escape from the intimate complexity surrounding it. The EP concludes amicably with two mirrored tracks (“Only Yesterday” and “In Your Heart”) that show Lewis arguing his case first internally, then outwardly.


Los Angeles-based artist Payson Lewis’s creative journey traces back to his upbringing in the vibrantly multicultural city of Philadelphia. Lewis dove head-first into the music surrounding him from an early age, learning to play the piano alongside his brother’s old CDs, and lending his voice to school choirs and theatrical productions. Influenced profoundly by the likes of DAWES, The 1975, and the soulful tones of Lizzy McAlpine, he finds sonic motivation from evocative and catchy guitar riffs and a lyrical arsenal of modern edge to tell the story of his all-too-relatable experiences. His overwhelmingly energetic vocal delivery led to a first major breakthrough on the stage of NBC’s The Sing-Off, securing a spot among the elite Top 4 contenders. Lewis’s artistic versatility continues to open new doors, whether it be performing internationally in Taiwan and Korea, captivating listeners with his theatrical prowess in productions across Chicago and Las Vegas, gracing the soundtracks of major motion pictures, or appearing memorably in a variety of hit television shows including Jane the Virgin and How I Met Your Mother. With features in nearly 100 music publications, such as Hollywood Life,  PARADE MagazineThe Honey Pop, and an impressive Spotify stream count soaring above 1.6 million, his musical trajectory leaves an indelible mark on the industry’s landscape.

From anguished indecision to pained reminiscence, Payson Lewis’s retrospection (19:30) is a gripping story of an all-too-real relationship gone wrong.  “I’m really excited to share this collection with the world according to my vision,” says Lewis. “I look forward to using it as the foundation for the next phase just around the corner.” This EP is available to stream and download now on all digital platforms worldwide. Be sure to keep up with his future endeavors by following him on Instagram @PaysonLewis.

08.06.21//Payson Lewis Releases Captivating New Single “Hotel Suite”

Payson Lewis Releases Captivating New Single “Hotel Suite”

Indie-Pop Sensation Finds Freedom in a Surprising Place

Los Angeles, CA -- Brilliant indie-pop artist, Payson Lewis, has released his new single “Hotel Suite.” With iridescent vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Lewis implores us to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with a hotel room, where you can be anyone you want for the duration of your stay. “Hotel Suite” is now available to stream or download on all platforms.

“Hotel Suite” is a gripping tune that masterfully conveys the feeling of freedom and rebirth through its lyrics and melody. Lewis’ inspiration for the song came from feeling like you have the ability to be anyone you want once you enter a hotel room. “The way it’s perfectly clean and tidy when I walk in. Knowing that all evidence of what’s happened in here before has been wiped clean and will be again when I leave. When I go to a hotel, in that room, I can be whoever I want to be. We all can,” says Lewis. Using his lyrical prowess, he is able to expertly convey this feeling of a cathartic escape. The song also draws upon an exceptional funky melody that has listeners dancing and singing along from the first beat to the last. “Hotel Suite” was recorded at The Jungle Room, mixed at Soldate Audio Services, and mastered at The Bakery Mastering. The framework of the song came together with the help of producer, Ben Soldate and co-writer, Brooke Jenkins; while the essence of the sizzling summer single was developed with Rob Humphreys on drums, Joel Gottschalk on bass, Adam Tressler on guitar, and additional bass and guitar from Ben Soldate. This ensemble of impeccable creatives delivers a track that captures the quintessential feeling of summer and freedom.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Payson Lewis began teaching himself to sing and play piano at a young age through his brother’s CDs and learning by ear. After moving to LA to pursue his dream, Lewis found success on NBC’s The Sing-Off where he finished in the Top 4. Since that time, Lewis has started a musical career that has spanned across the globe, performing in Taiwan and Korea, starring in theatrical productions in Chicago and Las Vegas, singing in multiple major motion picture soundtracks, and even acting in a variety of notable television shows such as; Jane the Virgin, How I Met Your Mother, and The People vs. OJ Simpson. Payson Lewis has continued to grow and cultivate his skills as a musician and has generated significant buzz with thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel. His debut record Take Me Apart has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify and has even been featured in almost 100 music publications and blogs.

“Hotel Suite” is available to stream or download now and is just the latest in what has quickly become an impressive portfolio for an exceptional indie-pop artist. To learn more about Payson Lewis or to follow his musical journey, be sure to check out his Instagram @paysonlewis.