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Originally from Ashland, Oregon, Hollens began singing after his mother forced him to join the choir at the age of 14. Little did he know that his participation in that class would cultivate his love for music and change his life forever. He went on to attend the University of Oregon where he co-founded the first collegiate a cappella group in Oregon, On The Rocks. Hollens graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal performance, where he was classically trained as an opera singer. Upon his college graduation, Hollens traveled the world singing on cruise ships alongside his wife, Evynne. After their adventure abroad, he became increasingly involved with collegiate a cappella; including recording, producing, and judging a cappella competitions throughout the United States. While he continued to pursue music as a career, he largely remained behind the scenes.

During Peter’s adult life, it wasn’t until the unfortunate passing of his biggest fan, his father, that he was given some lasting encouragement. While fighting brain cancer in his ending stages of life, Peter’s father urged him to keep doing what he loved by sharing his music with the world. That was a turning point for Peter, who then began diligently pursuing his career in music in honor of his father. In 2010, he participated in NBC’s hit show, The Sing-Off, receiving acclaim from judges Shawn Stockman, Nicole Scherzinger and Ben Folds for solo performances. In 2011, he started his own YouTube channel, posting multi-tracked a cappella covers and music videos. He frequently collaborates on content with some of the internet’s biggest influencers. Hollens records and produces music from his studio in Eugene, Oregon, and has recorded for Sony and Epic Records as well.

After signing a record deal with Sony Records, he quickly learned that being on a label wasn’t the best route for him and bought himself out of their contract. Today, he continues creating entertaining content as an independent artist and is entirely self-managed. One Voice Productions was born out of Peter’s independence and freedom that he found after leaving Sony. To support his musical endeavors, he joined up with the newly founded crowdfunding site, Patreon, which he now advises. This platform truly is what allows Peter to create his art for a living while supporting his family. Peter is married to Evynne Hollens, founder of the premiere female a cappella group at the University of Oregon, Divisi. This group inspired the book, (and later blockbuster films) Pitch Perfect. Evynne has her own YouTube channel, posting music videos and occasionally collaborating with her husband. They currently have a son, Ashland James Hollens.

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(Eugene, Or)  Peter Hollens’ Legendary Folk Songs has impressively debuted at #1 on the Billboard Classical and Classical Crossover Chart. Legendary Folk Songs (released June 15, 2018, on Hollens’ own label One Voice Productions) is the classically trained vocal artists’ first release to claim a #1 spot on the Billboard chart. After releasing eight studio albums and over 200 singles, Hollens has finally found his sweet spot.

The Oregon native specializes in a cappella music on YouTube and Facebook, with over 5 million followers and subscribers on his content and over a billion total views since 2011.

“I’ve been wanting to create an album of folk songs for almost a decade now,” Hollens said. “In fact, the first song I ever learned during my first voice lesson was ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’ which is the eleventh track on this album. I feel like I’ve come full circle.”

The new record includes fourteen classic folk songs and guest appearances by David Archuleta, Tim Foust, Home Free, The Hound + The Fox, Anna Gilbert, and The Swingles.

Paving the way for independent artists, Hollens’ path to not one but two #1s is unheard of for an industry dominated by power labels and PR machines to produce, distribute, and promote an album. Utilizing his Patreon support, dedicated fanbase, and messenger bot technology, Legendary Folk Songs, quickly shot up the charts selling more than $116,000 in physical albums in its first few weeks.

“Considering the fact that this accomplishment (chart-topping at #1 one two Billboard charts) happened using no ad spend, no agent, no manager, and no label shows that anyone can do this…ANYONE.” Hollens adds, “The future of content creation for musicians and for any other creator for that matter is based solely on the relationship between the creator and their community, and never putting anything or anyone in between them.”

In addition to offering the album exclusively to his most passionate community Hollens says he was able to incorporate a new strategy utilizing bot technology to target potential customers who had watched the first two music videos released off the album, “we would then offer them the album through Facebook Messenger.  Anyone who isn’t using bot technology at the top of your sales funnel is seriously missing out.”

Hollens success is proof that the future of the music industry for the creator revolution is one in which where the creator gets to decide how to run their career,  “If we choose to focus on family first and never hitting the road, you can. This is what is possible in 2018 and beyond. The music industry needs to pay attention to the revolution that is happening right before our eyes.”

Wanting to share his knowledge and passion of how to make it as an independent artist, Hollens  launched the Hollens Creator Academy in December of 2017, teaching creators how to take charge of their creative future and make a living doing what they love.

His company is currently in production on a course for Patreon on how to best use the membership platform. Currently, over 4,000 people called Patrons, are giving Hollens close to $15,000 dollars a music video on the platform.