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Hard-hitting electro-pop band SM6 is a rising group with a powerful presence that can’t be ignored. A new chapter lies ahead, full of driving synths, head-pop instrumentation, and a vocally punk edge you wouldn’t normally hear in pop music today. The dark atmosphere they begin to create teases what’s to come for the future of SM6.

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06.09.23//SM6 Illustrates a Movie-Worthy Love Story in “Cologne”

SM6 Illustrates a Movie-Worthy Love Story in “Cologne”

Chicago, IL - Blooming TikTok moguls SM6 have released their latest single, “Cologne,” an edgy intersection of jazz and pop that speaks volumes on the language of young love. The track details the familiar tropes of teenage love found in our typical romantic comedy films. From sneaking out of the house to late-night swims, SM6 channels a nostalgic sense of romance in the summer during our formative youth. “Cologne” is now streaming worldwide on all music platforms.


The track takes the innocence of a young love story and sets it to a mature tone. With a sultry instrumental, alluring melody, and the rich vocal talent of lead singer Isabel Jones, listeners are taken through a cinematic experience as the band recounts a story worthy of the silver screen. In a masterful sonic combination reminiscent of Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good” and Dove Cameron’s “Boyfriend,” SM6 captures the charming feeling of falling in love in the summer, as portrayed by the familiar movie plot lines many resonate with.  Utilizing vivid lyrics such as, “Your white button down is sticking to your skin, reality hits when I dive off that cliff,” SM6 creates a colorful image of risky fun and young attraction that will draw listeners into the captivating story.


Composed of six siblings from Geneva, Illinois, SM6 is a hard-hitting group whose come-up is hard to ignore. Their journey to success in music is driven by their unique sound that is not typically heard in mainstream pop music. With the emotionally potent vocals of Isabel Jones, bassist and lead singer, supported by the harmonious combination of talent by pianist George Jones, guitarists Adam and Jack Jones, Emily Jones on drums, and Ellie Jones on percussion, the band develops a dark atmosphere filled with driving synths and a punk edge.


SM6 has made its mark as seasoned musicians throughout their decade-long run together. The band has amassed over three million followers and 12 million weekly watchers on TikTok with their seamless combination of witty, fun-loving content alongside showing off their musical abilities. Their influential presence both as a family and a musical entity makes this unique mixture of artists a standout group to electro-pop fans worldwide. Their debut album Rom Com attracted notable praise from champions at EARMILKCeleb Mix, and Music Connection Magazine. As an homage to pride month, the group's single, “Panic,” released last June, was a personal letter from Isabel on her journey of embracing her sexuality and the anxieties of coming out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. “Panic” gained over one million streams on Spotify and was featured in Sweety HighCeleb Secrets, and Tonight Magazine.


With a poetically charged melody, hypnotizing vocals, and descriptive lyrics, “Cologne” is sure to be the song of the summer. SM6 paints a striking picture of young love through a cinematic lens, detailing both the enjoyment of living in the moment and the thrill of taking risks. There is only more to the journey for these influential pop frontrunners. Be sure to follow SM6 on  Instagram and TikTok @SM6band and visit their website www.SM6band.com to stay up to date on their future projects.