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Identity, and the search for it, has long been a theme for alt artist talker. The name “talker” (intentionally spelled lowercase) stems from Celeste Tauchar’s given last name – notorious in her family for being misspelled and mispronounced. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she grew up in Sacramento, California with a German Catholic mother and Jewish Agnostic father. Early musical influences ranged from Nirvana to Alanis Morissette to Led Zeppelin, whom her parents would play in the car and during family jam nights when she was young. Throughout these formative years, she grappled with mental health and feeling comfortable displaying her true artistic self. Over years of exploration, she went through different phases and musical styles – something she further experimented with while attending the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

After graduating, talker moved to Los Angeles where she immersed herself in the songwriting scene. Through a co-writing session, she met James Sunderland and Dan Sadin of Frenship, an electro-pop group formed and led by James Sunderland and Brett Hite, and was offered the opportunity to play keys and sing background vocals for the band. During her ongoing work with Frenship, she has performed on several tours and played to sold-out crowds at Lollapalooza, Life is Beautiful, Bonnaroo, The El Rey Theatre (LA), The Bowery Ballroom (NYC), and the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

Playing with Frenship had her questioning her own role as a musician, singer, and songwriter, eventually leading to talker’s current project - something she terms “grunge-pop.” A hybrid of her musical influences, “grunge-pop” is heavily influenced by bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden but with a more pop oriented sound, borrowing from such artists as Banks and Vérité. For her latest solo project, she collaborated with Dan Sadin (guitarist, Frenship), April Bender (Glassnote), and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J, Eryn Allen Kane). The first track talker released was “Collateral Damage,” a commentary on an emotionally abusive pseudo-relationship that she describes as autobiographical. It made its way to #5 on the HypeMachine charts, and saw coverage from a number of highly respected music publications including Grimy Goods and We Found New Music. talker’s second single is “Changes”, a personal song dealing with anxiety and trying (and sometimes failing) to take control of one’s life and situation. As a solo artist, she has played to a packed house at Hotel Café and Madame Siam in Los Angeles, The Troubadour, Lodge Room Highland Park, and has been a finalist in Guitar Center’s Songwriter 5 contest.

In a business where brand and persona are as important as the music, talker is authentic in a way that is instantly tangible, identifiable, and relatable.

Press Releases

02.22.19//Grunge-pop Artist talker Debuts "Horror Films"

Grunge-pop Artist talker Debuts "Horror Films"

Los Angeles Musician Release Cathartic and Moody EP

Los Angeles, CA – Dark, moody, intriguing and endearing, talker’s new EP, Horror Films, is captivating and sincerely relevant. Inspired by alternative rock, grunge music, and indie singer-songwriters, talker maintains a guitar-based sound while infusing organic resonances and bringing in modern production elements. Horror Films is talker’s diary, in which every single composition delves into her emotions. Horror Films is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide.

talker’s first EP, Horror Films aims to take her in a new life direction by overcoming fears. “I try to be super authentic and honest, and I think sometimes that, combined with the music industry's cut-throat nature, makes me feel like the girl walking down the dark and creepy hallway in a horror film -- she's definitely not supposed to go in there! Except with this EP, going in there just brings out my raw emotions and hopefully something for people to connect to,” talker explains.

All five compositions that comprise Horror Films were written and co-produced by talker with the help from Dan Sadin (guitarist, FRENSHIP) and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J, Eryn Allen Kane). Mastered by Dave Harris, and mixed by Mike Pepe and Jesse Ernster, Horror Films is a well-collaborated project that speaks to the emotive power of music. The team worked to express the true passion behind the EP, and they were so successful at doing so that talker became emotional while tracking vocals.

Originally born in Frankfurt, Germany, talker, neé Celeste Tauchar, and her family moved to Sacramento, CA. There, she grew up listening to Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, and Led Zeppelin -- whom her parents would play during car rides and family jam nights. With an innate interest in music, talker decided to attend the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami in order to expand upon her talent. After successfully graduating, talker moved to Los Angeles to immerse herself in the music industry. She played keys and sang background vocals for FRENSHIP, who she was then able to accompany on tour and play with at Lollapalooza, Life is Beautiful, Bonnaroo, The El Rey Theatre, The Bowery Ballroom, and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.  Her solo career has also since flourished, with her singles, “Intimidated,” and “Collateral Damage,” garnering critical acclaim from publications including Pop Matters, Buzzbands LA, The Vinyl District, and Alt Press, the latter which described her music as “Gorgeous lyrics juxtaposed with a simple and sweet acoustic musical background...”

Continually growing and honing her musical abilities, talker’s musical journey has only just begun. Keep up with talker by visiting Facebook.com/talkerceleste. Horror Films is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide.