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Greg Shilling and Stephen Santa Teresa are hosts of the musical party, The Attire. Friends since adolescence, their bond as artists is revealed in songs with buoyant hooks, iridescent choruses, and irrepressible optimism -- an enticing invitation to an extraordinary soiree with a fabulous playlist.

Originating in Washingtonville, NY, a suburban enclave 46 miles, and a world away from the spires of Manhattan, their industrious kinship has endured from high school through college, the subsequent breakup of their pop-punk band, and the expectations of the corporate music industry. Initially signed to a publishing deal as artists who would also write and produce for other recording and sync projects, in 2019 they established themselves as a standalone entity. “That’s part of the process,” says Stephen. “As we’ve grown up, we realize how the industry works, and we’ve discovered what we truly want. We’re called The Attire, a fashionable statement in music.”

The Attire’s corresponding videos spotlight playful romanticism and compelling charm. And while they take their music seriously, the camera enhances the light that surrounds their spirit, focusing on bemused performances by the well-dressed duo with stylish verve and nonchalant magnetism.

Greg, whose first love was blues, grew up playing classical piano and studying as an opera singer. He filters the chords of Debussy and Liszt through a translucent gauze of blue-eyed soul and classic R&B, as he reveals his heart in beguiling falsetto vocals. Stephen, also a musical history buff, cites influences that shift backwards in time, from the Eighties, through Seventies funk and R&B, to street corner doo-wop. His percussive electric guitar serves as an insistent rhythmic backbone to the sound.

Greg is candid about the life challenges that he’s faced, from the loss of his father to a debilitating illness cured through the power of holistic restoration. In addition to creating lyrics, he is a devoted poet. “Lyrics are poetry,” he avows. “I would like to be a modern-day bard, a healer, and a storyteller.”

There can be an erotic edge to this lyricism. Featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist, their lead single “Something in the Water,” shares this narrative. “You have me driving 2 AM into the city… You're all I think about, now all my thoughts are filthy.” Notes Greg, “Some songwriters invent what they think an audience wants to hear. We write what we want to say.” Confirms Stephen, “These are true stories. We are all about direct address.”

The Attire has relocated to Los Angeles. Previously writer-producers with SRP Music Group, under the auspices of the platinum team of Sturken and Rogers, and signed to the U.S. division of Japanese powerhouse publisher Avex, they are now affiliated with BMG Songs. On a prior trip to California, they connected with Julian Bunetta, the writer-producer for One Direction, Jason Derulo and Harry Styles, and tracked in the studio with Maroon5 and Louis Tomlinson hit makers, Afterhrs.

The party now continues coast to coast. While future forward productions and sterling songcraft coalesce into a musical aura that is charismatic and celebratory, beneath a polished sonic veneer, The Attire’s deeper philosophy reflects an authentic creed of faith and positivity. “Pain ends,” says Greg. “We have to latch onto hope. Stephen and I do it with music.”

Press Releases

02.24.22//The Attire Releases Pop Album, Songs About Girls Like You

The Attire Releases Pop Album, Songs About Girls Like You

Los Angeles, CA – The Attire has released their anticipated debut album, Songs About Girls Like You. The album is a blend of light and funky beats with romantic lyricism. The release comes after significant success from their previous songs “Luxury,” “Something In The Water,” and their viral hit, “Naked,” which garnered 3.3 million views on TikTok. The 10-song collection creates a new mix of beats to emphasize pop and soul and is now available to stream digital music platforms worldwide.

Songs About Girls Like You channels the raw emotions endured in a relationship. “Our album is a compilation of songs threading through the ups & downs of a relationship,” says the duo. “From falling in love to falling apart - it demonstrates the key moments of a relationship from beginning to end.” The album features a variety of collaborators, including Afterhrs (Maroon 5, Niall Horan), who blend the tracks, underlining the overall message. The opening song, “Girls Like You,” was co-written by Loote, whose former projects were with artists such as David Guetta and Demi Lovato, with production by Social House & Anton Goransson, who previously worked with Ariana Grande. Tracks like “Luxury,” “Push It 2 The Limit,” and “Sriracha” incorporate funky beats that get people moving on the dance floor. While most of the album uses energetic and fun beats, the duo slows it down with guitar-focused “Alexa.” The track begins with a slow guitar; the song builds over time, adding a soft beat backing and bringing attention to Shilling’s voice.

The BMG-signed duo consists of childhood friends Greg Shilling (vocals, piano) and Stephen Santa Teresa (drums, guitar). The pair both grew up immersed in music — Shilling picked up the piano at five years old, and Santa Teresa started playing the drums at eight years old. The duo met in 8th grade and have played together as a band since 2006. The two got their start on Youtube in the 2010s as “Greg & Stephen,” before eventually changing their name to The Attire, which they came up with simply after looking at the clothes hanging in their closet. Their music has been praised by American Songwriter, Play Too Much, and CelebMix.

The Attire’s debut album Songs About Girls Like You will have listeners reminiscing about past relationships, but the pop-infused album will surely have fans dancing. The album is available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms. Make sure to follow The Attire’s journey by keeping up with them on Instagram @TheAttireMusic or visit their website TheAttireMusic.com.