30 Watches A Loved One Self-Destruct on 90’s Alt/Rock Inspired “Your Skin Crawls”

Singer-songwriter Releases Heartbreaking Single In the Era of Unattainable Beauty Standards

Los Angeles, CA – Singer-songwriter 30 wrote, recorded, and produced his newest release “Your Skin Crawls” all within the confines of quarantine. Inspired by the sounds of 90s alt/rock, the single utilizes live violins and electric guitar to detail his experience of trying to save an ex from giving into bad habits and self-destructing under pressure. “Your Skin Crawls” is available to stream on all streaming platforms and is the first single off of his anticipated album, The Introspects of a Psycho.

An intro of sweeping violins, composed and performed by Rob Bedson, paints the picture of a fragile situation. Over loose chords of electric guitar, 30 recounts watching a girl he loved in a “downward spiral… insecure, hopeless, and developing bad habits.” “I tried over and over again to show her how special she was,” explains 30, before ultimately having to let go of the relationship. Through raw and genuine lyrics such as, “You’d rip your face off before you’d take off the makeup that’s covering the girl I love… I can’t help you anymore because the only one I think could really help is you,” the song details the topic of insecurities and self-doubt that plague many 20-somethings living in a world of unattainable beauty standards and social media criticism. While many self-help anthems have been written to motivate listeners to rise above these pressures, “Your Skin Crawls” connects to those who have had to watch their loved ones crumble under their weight. With support from Rob Bedson on violin, Jeremy Sauber on drums, Darren Lipper on bass, and Pete Furmato on guitar, 30’s raw, perfectly imperfect vocals and the live instrumentation strengthen the vulnerable nature of the song. Furmato was instrumental in bringing the song to fruition; he expanded on the guitar chord progression and also helped fill in the blanks where it was needed. The clear nods to 90’s alt/rock trends are mixed with modern production to create a sound that is both current and nostalgic, fresh and familiar but most of all, immediately relatable.

Born in Williamstown, MA, 30 has been singing and rapping since before he can remember. He picked up guitar and piano at a young age and hasn’t stopped writing music since, with his style shifting from hip-hop and rap towards rock and alternative over the years. Listening through his discography you can hear influences of his favorite artists which range from Kanye West and Kid Cudi to Cage The Elephant and The Kooks, with many in between. 30 is passionate about activism especially in supporting the BLM movement and frequently discusses issues of mental health through his music. Since moving to New York City two years ago, 30 has released two EPs featuring industry veterans such as producer Kato On The Track, Mike Stud, and Mod Sun and has gained over 180,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

30 is a multi-talented singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer that has already captured the attention of many fans for his ability of writing catchy, current music that discusses serious topics in a genuine way. “Your Skin Crawls” is his most stripped back release yet, that is sure to touch anyone that listens. He recently moved to Colorado in order to find song writing inspiration and focus on his craft. To stay up to date with 30’s next projects, including the release of his anticipated album, The Introspects of a Psycho, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @iam30music.