Ada Marques Releases Creature of Habit EP

The Six Song Debut Explores Mental Health, Sabotage, and Perseverance

Los Angeles, CA – Rising indie-folk songwriter Ada Marques has released her debut EP, Creature of Habit. The remarkably transparent collection of self-reflection, in which Marques focuses on mental health, longing, and perseverance, is now available to stream and download on all platforms worldwide.

On Creature of Habit, Marques fuses alternative folk and folk-rock into a cinematic collection of moments and reflections, exploring the behaviors and unconscious decisions that kept her from accessing the better versions of herself. Misty, rootsy rhythm guitar and piano instrumentals alternate with her crisp and gentle vocals, creating a dreamy and reflective atmosphere that glitters above the six-track collection.

Creature of Habit speaks to the visceral observation of being haunted by mental health spirits and celebrates the desire and perseverance of putting those ghosts to rest. Marques bares her fears and joys between the sweetness of “napkin,” a softly upbeat track about the desire to make herself better, accompanied by the brightness of horns; the emotional overwhelm and feelings of loneliness of “walk me home,” finding comfort in difficult feelings and patterns. The EP culminates with “bell” a reflection on the fear of being forgotten, exploring the difficulties with letting go – where Marques fearlessly and unapologetically lets the overflow of feelings spill over in a powerful emotional display.

Ada Marques’ vulnerability and transparency in music resemble a work of autobiography, a tender evergreen melancholy with a penchant for self-reflection and immersive, bittersweet nostalgia. Saying she makes music for people who live in their heads, Marques uses the EP to give listeners a glance inside her inner world – in its messy, unwaveringly brave complexity. Inspired by a long-standing tradition of female singer-songwriters who have been making art about their lives, and influenced by literature and poetry, she finds in music a voice for her feelings through confessional lyrics, stripped-down melodies, and delicate, intimate vocals.

Finding in herself a starting point and reason to heal, Creature of Habit is a moving and evocative debut EP that sets Marques up for a journey of finding strength in her powerful feelings and the transparency of her music. Learn more about Ada Marques on her Instagram and TikTok @adatheband.