Ahmen Drops Empowering New Single “LOVE LETTER” ft. Anjelica Sky and Jeremy Paxton

Hip-Hop Artist Activates Voices Towards Change To Shake Status Quo With Buoyant Track

New York, NY – Rising hip-hop artist Ahmen has released his newest single, “LOVE LETTER” ft. Anjelica Sky and Jeremy Paxton, the first release off of his upcoming album Per Aspera Ad Astra. The powerful single encourages listeners to speak up and invite change, on their own terms as culture shapers. Uplifting, impactful, and on a quest for justice, the track is Ahmen’s direct response to the demands of young people for a more just and joyful world. CEO and keynote speaker by day and hip-hop star by night, Ahmen perfectly fuses the two worlds of his non-profit organization, Our Turn, and his musical career. “LOVE LETTER” is the perfect combination of what Ahmen stands for. The track is available now for streaming and download on all digital platforms.

Upbeat, empowering, and dance-worthy, “LOVE LETTER” brings an energetic hype that persuades listeners to stand up for themselves and their generation. Combining an infectious hip-hop beat with a unique message, Ahmen takes to the nickname of ‘Troublemaker’ as he gives fans the nudge they need to speak up on urgent, controversial topics – a desire felt by the poignant students of Gen Z and young professionals across the world. When discussing his motive behind “LOVE LETTER,” Ahmen said, “The journey to social justice isn’t only a story of struggle – it’s a story of joy, elevation, and even swagger. ‘LOVE LETTER’ represents the uplifting power of people in the midst of a generational quest for justice.” An example of the justice Ahmen is fighting for is confirmed in his lyrics, “Unprecedented times, that’s a common line, But if millions are aligned on the grind it’s undeniable.” Combining his musical talents with his drive for social justice, “LOVE LETTER” is the epitome of what he stands for as a musician and person in society.

Based out of New York, Mohan Sivaloganathan discovered his stage name, Ahmen, by striving to embody change in the arenas of music and leadership, and repurposing the spirit of ‘amendment.’ Taking inspiration from hip-hop stars 2Pac and Eminem, Ahmen has been known on the global stage as a Troublemaking musician for nearly a decade. Setting himself apart from his peers, he sparks the will for change with his lyricism. Aside from music, Ahmen is the CEO of Our Turn, which is the nation’s leading movement of students fighting for educational justice. In the past two years, Our Turn has activated young changemakers in 35 states; secured the endorsement of 20+ social justice institutions and influencers; and has been featured in Teen VogueHuffington PostFast CompanyThe 74, and more. Showing equal passion towards his music and his organization, Ahmen credits hip-hop for giving him a voice when he couldn’t find the words and allowing him to channel his emotions into creating positive change.

“LOVE LETTER” is the beginning of Ahmen changing the world with his music. As the first single on his forthcoming album, fans have much more to look forward to. “LOVE LETTER” ft. Anjelica Sky and Jeremy Paxton is available for streaming and download now on all digital platforms worldwide. Be sure to keep up with Ahmen’s future endeavors by following him on Instagram @iam_ahmen. You can also keep up with his simultaneous missions at Our Turn by following @ourturnnatl.