Alan Chang Unveils Enthralling New Album Check Please

Los Angeles, CA – Pioneering a captivating blend of groovy melodies, skillful instrumentals, and evocative vocals, rising jazz pianist and singer-songwriter Alan Chang has released his highly anticipated album, Check Please, a story of finding for himself. Comprising of ten exquisitely crafted tracks, this album weaves a tapestry of endearing sounds that traverse themes of love and life, while conjuring a sense of nostalgia and tranquility. Chang’s artistry comes alive in a remarkable showcase of talent and emotion, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. Check Please is available now to stream and download worldwide.


“It took me a long time to find a sound that speaks to as many of my influences and strengths,” says Chang. “I finally started writing for my voice while blending my years of foundation in jazz piano and my love for songs.” He consistently displays his ability to be multifaceted in this album. Check Please conveys intriguing and real-life messages through immense storytelling, and was complete with the help of an all star lineup. There are notable collaborations from artists like bassist Pino Palladino (The Who, John Mayer, Blake Mills), David Koz, and Inara George, as well as Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, Common, The Roots) who mixed half the album. The first half of the album was also produced by Ryan Lerman (Scary Pockets, Lizzy McAlpine), while the second half of the album was produced by Chang and Adam Greenholtz.  Besides the lyrical inspiration, Check Please is reminiscent of 2000s pop music and has a calming and friendly jazzy feel. The lighthearted piano motifs, the walking pace of the drums, and the layered vocals in choruses all contribute to making this album a personal listening experience, transporting listeners into Chang’s mind.


The album’s lead single, “Love As A Weapon,” delves into the complexities of partnerships and friendships, inspired by Chang’s personal journey of transitioning from a 19-year collaboration with Michael Bublé. The track’s poignant lyrics are complemented by a distinctly jazzy and pop-infused composition, evoking a sense of reflection and vibrancy. “Aperitif,” the eighth track on this album, is a beautiful and short groove to continue this dynamic record. This instrumental track is a breath of fresh air as it showcases mesmerizing piano melodies and simple drums to make the listener feel at home. “Let’s Not Come Down,” the third track on the album, encapsulates the multi-faceted talent that shapes Check Please. The vocal collaboration with Inara George and blissful production create a song of anticipation, inspiring a heartwarming atmosphere that com a hug. The jazzy piano riffs and the harmonies of their voices together help convey a message of enlightenment and peacefulness. Strong lyrics help tell a story of not wanting to come down from a sentimental feeling. Check Please is full of irresistible and graceful tracks, leaving listeners wanting to hear more.


Alan Chang’s musical voyage has taken him through notable accolades, including features in acclaimed platforms such as, and CelebMix. His musical odyssey traces back to his early years when he began playing piano at the age of six, later evolving into a jazz aficionado. Influenced by luminaries such as jazz pianist Erroll Garner, rock trio Ben Folds Five, and indie songwriter Elliott Smith, Chang’s journey led him to delve into jazz studies at the University of Southern California. His artistic evolution culminated in a remarkable tenure as the musical director and pianist for Michael Bublé, during which he co-wrote hits like “Home” and “Haven’t Met You Yet.” With a reputation for crafting meaningful narratives through his music, Check Please is a testament to his prowess as a storyteller, enveloping listeners in a world of enthralling melodies and relatable tales.

Check Please represents a bold departure from Chang’s previous endeavors, a fusion of his jazz foundation and his innate love for soulful melodies. With the album’s release, Chang’s vision comes to life, inviting listeners on an immersive journey that blends jazz sensibilities with pop allure. The album is available to stream on all major platforms, allowing audiences worldwide to embrace its dazzling melodies and resonant narratives. As Chang’s debut solo album, Check Please, solidifies his position as an emerging force in jazz-infused pop, a culmination of talent, inspiration, and creative evolution. To keep up with his musical journey, follow him on Instagram @AlanPChang.