Albert Kass’s “Downward” Is A Resignation To A Loved One’s Struggles

Los Angeles, CA – Indie folk artist Albert Kass has released his new single “Downward,” a hauntingly beautiful tale spoken from the perspective of someone watching a loved one struggle. The single describes, with a poignant simplicity, the torture and eventual resignation that one faces when seeing someone they care for reach rock bottom, especially amidst the throes of addiction. “Downward” is available to stream on all music platforms worldwide.

In a melancholy mixture of soft vocals, layered harmonies, and a bright and airy acoustic guitar riff, Kass perfectly details how the impacts of addiction extend past the person themself to their family, friends, and loved ones. Riddled with feelings of frustration, heartbreak, and anger, “Downward” shines a light on how difficult it is to be powerless in such an intense situation. The lyrics depict a message of “tough love,” as the singer recognizes that the only time this person can be helped is when they choose to help themselves. Kass sings with an exhausted yet empathetic tone, “You make mistakes / a massive amount / back again, somehow / carry on my wayward star.” The track exists in the space where grief and apathy meet; it is a recognition of the brutal reality that Kass needs to cut off the person they love to spare his own mental health and that he can only hope this person comes to their senses before succumbing to irreparable damage.

Albert Kass developed a connection to music early on in his life. Initially drawn to the darker classical music that his sister would play on the piano, Kass eventually began experimenting with composition as a creative medium to express himself. The alternative folk singer states that singing was not part of the initial plan he envisioned for himself; however, it “sort of happened of its own volition.” Since his initial entrance into the music space, Kass has spent the last two decades in two other careers, joking that he is a “late bloomer” in the music industry. However, with a voice as smooth as silk and a knack for lyrical storytelling, Kass has become a notable folk riser. “Downward” is from his upcoming debut album Young Old Man, which he created with the help of Grammy award-winning producer Billy Mohler (The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Lady Gaga, The Airborne Toxic Event). Previous singles from the album have been touted by Grimy Goods, American Songwriter, and antiMusic.

According to Kass, this new track “draws from the act of callusing over” after one has entered a state of “general malaise.” Listeners are sure to feel the heavy emotion in this song, experiencing a whirlwind combination of relief and remorse. Stream “Downward” on digital music platforms worldwide, and follow Albert Kass on his future endeavors on Instagram @AlbertKassmusic.