Allegra Jordyn Gets Honest in New Single, “Leading U On”

Toronto, Ontario – Toronto-based pop artist, Allegra Jordyn, has just released her new single “Leading U On.” The chill, acoustic-based pop song talks about the trials and tribulations of being uncertain in a relationship and feeling that you might be leading the other person on. “As I contemplate whether this is a relationship I want to go back to,” Jordyn starts. “I find myself accidentally leading them on with all my uncertainty.” Her new single “Leading U On” is available to download and stream on all digital platforms worldwide.

“Leading U On” comforts listeners who may be dealing with a similar situation. “I love how it has so much honesty and emotion, but with such a chill, nonchalant sound,” Jordyn explains. The “chill, nonchalant sound” is one of the main aspects of the track partnered with raw and brutally honest lyricism. The alt-pop sound that she is making herself known for is combined with an acoustic pop melody, making it one of her more unique releases. “Leading U On” was co-written by Jordyn, alongside her longtime producer, Chris Grey. The partnership has proven to work well together based on their previous and current collaborations, mastering the talent of creating a relatable, crowd-friendly, anthemic song. “Leading U On” marks the third single ahead of Allegra Jordyn’s EP, Take It From Me, I Know, out October 29, 2021.

Growing up with many different musical influences, Allegra Jordyn was able to curate her own style of music with elements from different genres. Her alternative, electro-pop sound draws inspiration from artists such as Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish, yet her songwriting inspiration comes from the likes of John Lennon and Stevie Nicks. In addition to music, she has always found herself writing as a creative outlet, whether that be through poems or scripts. She jokes about being a perfectionist when it comes to her writing and precision, “I probably write my lyrics out 100 times before I record them.” Jordyn has received praise from Lock Magazine, Pop Wrapped, Canadian Beats, Female Magazine, and more.

“Leading U On” is a relatable and heartfelt turn for Allegra Jordyn’s music and one that will draw in new fans instantly. The acoustic offering stays true to her alt-pop sound, while exhibiting raw, genuine emotions and maintaining a brilliant balance. Fans can pre-order her upcoming EP now and stream “Leading U On” on all digital music platforms. To stay up to date with Allegra Jordyn, visit or follow her on Instagram @AllegraJordyn.