Allegra Jordyn Releases Latest EP, “Take It From Me, I Know”

Toronto, CA — Rising Canadian pop artist Allegra Jordyn has released her latest EP, Take It From Me, I Know. The EP is a well-balanced blend of alternative, electro-pop music with emotional lyricism at its core. Having already released three out of five tracks, Jordyn’s fans have eagerly awaited this debut. Take It From Me, I Know is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

Take it From Me, I Know conveys to listeners the different trials and tribulations Allegra Jordyn has experienced in her final teenage years. “This EP has been years in the making,” Jordyn explains. “I wanted to give myself time to grow as an artist and find my sound before creating something that would feel too wrong, too fast.” The EP is produced and mixed by Chris Grey, a frequent collaborator of Jordyn’s. The EP carries lots of variety; songs like “Last Word” and “Numb,” carry a more upbeat, danceable feeling, whereas “Fading Out” is a slower, piano-driven, lyrically profound track. While each song on the EP showcases a different melody and energy, the modern-pop elements of unique keyboards and drums with layered vocals cohesively define Allegra Jordyn’s sound. “The title, ‘Take It From Me, I Know’ comes from a lyric in the last song on the EP, which was a message to my former self to take what I’ve been through and move on,” explains Jordyn. “I feel like it sums up this idea of saying, ‘I’ve been there, I’ve lived through it, here I am telling you these stories and how I felt and what I’ve learned from it.’”

Allegra Jordyn’s inspiring background in music began at age six, when she started learning to play piano. From then on, she moved to teaching herself to play guitar, performing in front of small crowds, taking vocal lessons, and crafting songs by herself, all before age thirteen. Writing has always been a passion for Jordyn, noting that she has created poems and short stories as an artistic outlet since she was a child. Eventually, Jordyn was accepted into the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied until the pandemic hit. These experiences have combined to build a passionate and articulate singer/songwriter who is ready to share her voice with all those who will listen. “Every one of these songs helped me learn and grow through some sort of experience in the last few years of my life and has made me become more self-aware,” Jordyn elaborates.

Allegra Jordyn’s EP Take It From Me, I Know is a heartfelt look into her mind and her journey towards discovering more about life and herself. The tone that Jordyn has set for herself as an artist is intriguing, mellow, and inviting for people of all types. Make sure to follow Allegra’s journey by keeping up with her on Instagram: @AllegraJordyn, or visiting her website: AllegraJordyn.comTake It From Me, I Know is now available for streaming everywhere.