Alpine Universe Announce September EP Akoustik Vol. II

Los Angeles, CA — Alpine Universe, distinguished composer Andy Favre – the multi-instrumentalist behind the electronic-orchestral project – has revealed the forthcoming release of the next episode in the Akoustik EP series. The first EP titled Akoustik Vol. I (chants), has already gathered over 18 million streams. This next chapter, Vol. II is slated for September 8, 2023 and includes a captivating cover of Rihanna’s critically acclaimed single, “Desperado.” “Desperado” is available now on all streaming platforms with the pre-save of Akoustik Vol. II available here.


Renowned for his prowess in blending heavy electronic music with a seamless fusion of orchestral and organic elements, Alpine Universe captures the compelling message “Desperado,” which embodies a profound expression of human struggles. Capturing the essence of emotional confinement and the relentless pursuit of freedom, the cover takes the pain of grappling with vulnerabilities and seeking liberation from the clutches of despair and infuses it with the powerful battle cries of the ancient Viking tapestry of sounds.


“‘Desperado’ became my favorite Rihanna song when it came out,” Favre explains. “When I heard it while lifting weights, I thought it would sound great as a warrior-style fight song,  so I made my version of the track.” The composition emanates an almost ancient Viking allure, accomplished through the ingenious use of percussion-heavy sounds. The echoing beats evoke imagery of warrior drums resonating across distant Nordic landscapes, perfectly harmonizing with Alpine Universe’s ethereal blend of electronic and organic elements.


Since Favre found himself mesmerized by a profound childhood experience while his hometown was hosting the Winter Olympics, the composer and multi-instrumentalist from the French Alps has been on an extraordinary musical journey to preserve the magic that the electronic music, laser, and fireworks show left an indelible mark on his young heart. Fascinated by the interplay between music and technology, Alpine Universe seeks to revive ancient musical influences by diving into a world of mountains, mythology, and the human condition, dressing them up with modern formats using cutting-edge production techniques like deep sampling and digital tools, to narrate the stories of warriors, quests for promised lands, wars, and the future of science. While niche, Favre has found success with the trailblazing Alpine Universe sound. Alpine Universe has played to crowds nearing 20,000 people, caught the attention of actor/musician Jared Leto, and rocketed their three LPs, The Empire of the Winds (2020), The Alpine Universe (2017), and SEDNA (2015), to nearly 20 million streams on Spotify, where his listenership has grown to nearly 800,000 monthly.


Alpine Universe’s unique reimagining of “Desperado” into an ethereal anthem can be heard now on all digital music platforms. Follow Alpine Universe’s musical journey on his Instagram @AlpineUniverse or visit