Anja Kotar Drops Pure Pop Gold With “Kids”

Silicon Valley Pop Singer Unveils Magnetic New Pop Anthem 

Los Angeles, CA – Anja Kotar brings youthful pop music to the forefront of the millennial generation with her latest single, “Kids.” Accompanying the spirited pop anthem, Kotar teamed up with her longstanding creative partner, Jani Ugrin to bring the song to life with a multicolored music video. “Kids” is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide. The video can be seen on YouTube.

Adopting the classic pop formula of upbeat tempos and synthesizers, Kotar lays out the mantra of the new year for everyone: “We’re just kids!” The song captures the joyful innocence of pop music through its catchy chorus and explores the relationship between youth and technology. “‘Kids’ serves as an exposition to the millennial generation. It looks at our relationship with each other, to the world around us, and ultimately, technology and how that affects us as we’re being young and engaged in the modern age,” explains Kotar. The song, produced and mixed by Josh Leibhson, includes layered vocal tracks that create an influential choir of voices chanting, “We’re just kids!”

Hailing from the Silicon Valley, Anja Kotar drew from its idiosyncratic themes and evaluated the intricacies of young adulthood. “The song lyrics refer to common denominators among young adults my age: from our obsession with nostalgia and using it as escapism to get away from the current socio-political climate, to communicating with our friends online, but never actually taking the time to meet them in person,” says Kotar. “Kids” shines a light on the modern-day technological dependency that now encompasses the traditional coming of age story. The music video itself, is full of metaphors as the white background represents the cold, harsh reality of the true life we live and the flowers represent the fairytale life we represent online through social media. Each flower has a meaning that describes a characteristic of the millennial generation: pink means vanity, blue means melancholy, yellow means felicity, purple means apathy, red means romance, and green means boredom. “Throughout the video, I carry more and more flowers in my hands, alluding to getting caught up in the online fantasy and progressively exaggerating it.”

Thought-provoking lyrics paired with the celestial music video isolates the listener in a moment of time that allows them to escape reality and dance wistfully along to the beat. The 21-year old has captivated audiences across Europe and North America and has garnered upwards of 230k streams on Spotify. Showing no signs of losing momentum as we enter the new year, Anja Kotar plans to tackle the complexities of our digital lives with lyrical turn-of-phrase and visual symbolism, taking inspiration from Black Mirror and incorporating fashion at every opportunity.

“Kids” is available now to stream and download on all digital music platforms worldwide. The music video is available for viewing on YouTube. Keep up with Anja Kotar by visiting