Anna Graceman Releases Powerful Music Video, “Night Follows”

Songland Winner Drops Emotional New Music Video Following New Album

 Nashville, TN – Soul-pop artist Anna Graceman has released her captivating music video for “Night Follows.” This vulnerable piano piece is accompanied by a stunning video that captures the emotional weight Graceman carried after being carjacked at gunpoint. The video is available on her YouTube channel.

Anna Graceman’s “Night Follows” video, co-directed by herself and Rachel Deeb, expresses the impact of a terrifying event on her life. “‘Night Follows’ was inspired by a traumatic experience I had,” she explains. “A large SUV drove down the street past me, turned around at the cul de sac, and then parked in the middle of the road next to me. Someone in a hoodie came up to my window and tapped a gun to the glass telling me to ‘get out of the car, babe.’” The video captures Graceman’s emotional journey in coming to terms with what she experienced. As she sings the powerful lyrics, “it won’t keep me awake,” Graceman stares into the camera showing the audience that overcoming this adversity has only left her stronger. The song allows her to voice that even though she has been able to process the effect of the carjacking on her life, the trauma of the event will always remain in the back of her mind. “After about a year of trying to write, I came up with the idea for “Night Follows.” It’s a metaphor for the fear and weight I still carry around from this experience. I’d written a verse, pre, and chorus before I brought it into a session with Henry Brill.” The video centering around her incredible vocals leaves the audience to connect Graceman’s impactful lyrics to their own experiences. “I’ve been able to channel my experience into a song. A song that will hopefully speak to others who have their own fears and struggles following them around. I’m still working through things. The things I’ve been through have continued to follow me, but will no longer keep me awake.” “Night Follows” showcases her talent both vocally and in songwriting through a vulnerable music video that leaves a significant impact on anyone who watches it.

Anna Graceman is a pop-soul artist originally from Juneau, Alaska. Her passion for music started at 18 months old, when she would sing with her mother, and further developed when she began piano lessons at the age of four. She also plays the guitar and bass. Vocally, Graceman is influenced by powerful female voices such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. Her songwriting takes inspiration from artists who tell stories through their lyrics, such as Harry Chapin.

Nationally, Graceman was a contestant on America’s Got Talent and has performed on The Ellen Show. Her songs have been featured on TV shows like Station 19. Graceman has had two residencies in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace Colosseum and the Venetian’s Palazzo Theatre. Most recently, she won NBC’s Songland pitching her song to pop icon Bebe Rexha. The winning song, “Miracle,” was co-created with fellow Songland winner, Greg Scott when Rexha suggested Scott and Graceman combine their two original songs into one. The track will be used in promotion of the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Anna Graceman’s music video for “Night Follows” delivers an empowering message that can relate to many human experiences, watch it on YouTube now. Her new album, The Way the Night Behaves, is now available for streaming and download worldwide. You can stay up to date with Anna Graceman’s releases on her website