Arielle Silver Drops Hopeful Single “Headlights”

AAA/Americana Artist Pens Optimistic Single About Finding Your Way
Los Angeles, CA — AAA/Americana singer-songwriter, Arielle Silver releases her cheerful and rousing folk-pop single, “Headlights,” a charming, bright fusion of Americana indie-folk, featuring joyful mandolin, acoustic guitar, galloping piano, organ, bass, percussion, and drums.  Silver’s rich, expressive alto voice frames the expansive melody that echoes the American heartland, backed by harmonies from producer, Shane Alexander. In the uncertainty of the current global health and economic crisis, Silver’s playful band spotlights her optimistic message to have faith in finding your way through the twists of life. “Headlights” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.


Arielle Silver’s “Headlights” is a heart-lifting song about trusting the process of the journey, even when life takes dark or unpredictable turns.  “When I sing this song, I think of growing up,” Silver explains, “and how to get home we’d have to drive up the mountain along those twisty, sometimes slick with rain or snow, roads.”  The warm memories of her hometown emanates from her bright and airy vocals.  “When I wrote ‘Headlights’ I was thinking of what the novelist, E.L. Doctorow said about how writing a book is like following your headlights in the fog. Living is like that, too. We feel it when we graduate high school and head off on a new adventure. We feel it when we return home, changed and still works-in-process. And we see it particularly now in the COVID-19 crisis. In this heightened global uncertainty, many of us can’t envision even a season into the future. This is a song about times like this. Even if we can’t see the whole way, if we can find some light to illuminate a piece of the road ahead, we’ll find our way through.”

Despite unknown obstacles that are thrown at us throughout life, Silver finds a way to remain a ray of sunshine and inspire others to have faith in the unknown. Her tenacity and sincere positivity light up the room.  Silver’s voice can carry you through hard times and her lyrics inspire the audience to trust themselves and their own ambitions. The buoyant song was tracked by Michael Gehring at Secret World Studios, and mixed and mastered by GRAMMY-winners Brian Yaskulka and Hans DeKline, respectively.

Ten years ago, with three well-received releases accompanied by national tours, Arielle Silver lost sight of her future as an artist. “Though my heart still ached to write songs and sing, I found that I couldn’t do it,” she recalls. She put away her guitar, moved to Los Angeles, and landed a job behind the scenes in the music industry. She penned and published essays and poems, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best New Poets.  In 2018, Silver fell back in love with songwriting and began to perform and create music again.

Arielle Silver’s new single draws on authentic and honest experiences from her own twisting journey through life.  “Headlights” hopes to inspire people to follow and trust in the light — wherever they may find it — when the long road appears unclear. The song is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide. Stay up to date by visiting