Ashley Elle Drops Vulnerable New Single “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy”

Los Angeles, CA – Emerging indie-pop artist Ashley Elle has released her latest single, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy.” Mastering a level of connection that is seldom achieved through lyricism alone, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is a melodically beautiful quest to find some relief from the overwhelming experience of anxiety and depression while navigating through life. Near and dear to her heart, Ashley Elle wrote “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” when she “felt so much pressure and responsibility trying to deal with growing up and the challenges we face.” “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” was penned when Ashley Elle was moving back from living abroad in London and feeling overwhelmed by “struggling with the complexities of life.” Unguarded, comforting, and slightly haunting, the track urgently seeks relief from the overpowering experience of navigating life as a lost young adult.  With a catchy structure and repetition paired with a composition strongly reliant on guitar and piano, “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” feels reliable, reflecting the stability that Ashley Elle yearns for. Perfecting a sound as alluring and authentic as the lyrics, Ashley Elle has an ornate ability to connect with her fans in an intimate way, asking them, “Do you know this feeling?” Expressing desperation for connection, she enables her audience to feel seen as well. With a sense of familiarity and intimacy, listeners cannot help but feel as though Ashley Elle is a close friend, inviting them to seek solace and confide in one another. The song goes beyond emotional expression and allows the listener to feel as though they are trying to navigate through these feelings alongside Ashley. “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” was co-written and produced by Cazz Brindis and is the follow-up to her single “How Do You Stop Loving Someone?”

Ashley Elle was captivated by Taylor Swift’s music and creative artistry from a young age. It was this inspiration that led her to unearth her natural talent and love for music. Her musical journey started with the piano. Soon after, she taught herself to play the guitar. Through songwriting and vocal expression, Ashley Elle found a sense of comfort and emotional release. While initially modest about her undeniable talent, once her dad encouraged her to record in a studio, everything clicked into place. Through working with various producers and unleashing passionate dedication, Ashley Elle developed her addictively captivating sound. Her foremost objective is to connect with her audience, which is evident in the deeply resonant lyrics of her music. Although achieving such a connection often requires her to exhibit a level of vulnerability that can be intimidating, it also sets her apart, placing her in a league of her own. In 2019, her perseverance yielded results when she was signed to a publishing deal.

Ashley Elle breaks emotional boundaries in “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy,” proving she stands in a class of her own. Radiating an aura of familiarity, she provides listeners with an invitation to work through deep emotional turmoil and not feel so alone. “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” is now available to stream and download on all digital platforms. Follow Ashley Elle’s musical journey and upcoming releases by following her on Instagram @AashleyElle and visiting her website at