Ashley Elle Unveils New Single “Somebody’s Somebody”

Los Angeles, CA — Rising indie-pop darling, Ashley Elle, is set to dazzle listeners with her latest release, “Somebody’s Somebody.” Infusing her unique blend of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics with an infectious 80’s pop vibe, Ashley Elle captures the essence of a free spirit longing to be desired, all while delivering a powerful anthem that will resonate with fans across the globe. “Somebody’s Somebody” is available to stream and download worldwide.

In “Somebody’s Somebody,” Ashley Elle artfully depicts the familiar tale of anticipation and disappointment when preparing to see the person you’ve been seeing, only to find them captivated by someone else. The track embodies the yearning for attention and the desire to be wanted while showcasing a carefree spirit that seeks to revel in a worry-free party atmosphere. “It’s a song for those who are not only going out to see a certain person or have a good time, but it touches on the insecurities and anticipation of how that moment is going to feel before you’re even there,” explains Ashley Elle. “I think we all spend too many nights wasting energy on others and their actions rather than just enjoying the music and night itself.” With her signature storytelling style and captivating vocals, Ashley Elle transports listeners into her world, painting a vivid picture of emotions through vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The 80’s pop influence shines through, adding a nostalgic touch to the contemporary sound, making this track an irresistible sonic experience.

Co-written and produced by Cazz Brindis, “Somebody’s Somebody” highlights Ashley Elle’s artistic growth, cementing her position as an emerging force in the indie-pop genre. The meticulously crafted production creates a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the raw emotions conveyed in the lyrics, resulting in Ashley Elle’s most pop-infused song to date.

Ashley Elle’s musical journey began with a deep admiration for Taylor Swift’s artistry, sparking her passion for music. Starting with the piano and teaching herself the guitar, she discovered solace and emotional release through songwriting and singing. Encouraged by her father, Ashley Elle embraced her undeniable talent and found her place in the studio. Collaborating with talented producers, she honed her addictive and captivating sound. Connecting with her audience is her ultimate goal, evident in the profound lyrics of her music. Despite the vulnerability it entails, Ashley Elle’s unique approach sets her apart, earning her a publishing deal in 2019. Since then, her music has been lauded in the press by Celeb Mix, Kings of A&R, Fashionably Early, and has been added to countless Spotify playlists.

Ashley Elle’s dedication to authenticity, as well as her talent for crafting lyrics that explore the depths of the human experience, have garnered a devoted following. “Somebody’s Somebody” exemplifies her artistic progression and unwavering commitment to music. For more about Ashley Elle’s musical journey, visit and follow her Instagram @Aashleyelle.