Becoming Young Drops Inspiring Single, “Kingdoms Will Know”

Nashville, TN – Nashville-based indie-pop artist, Brandon Calano, who performs under the alias Becoming Young, has dropped his empowering new single, “Kingdoms Will Know.” The song is a victorious reminder that the human will is strong and that we can overcome adversities from our past. “Kingdoms Will Know” is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

Becoming Young triumphantly succeeds with another pop hit “Kingdoms Will Know.” The track emphasizes the importance of rising to the occasion and conquering the moment for yourself. “‘Kingdoms Will Know’ came from a similar headspace as my last release, ‘Wild & Free,'” Calano shared while explaining his thought process when crafting the new single. “I wrote the song when many parts of my life didn’t look like what I hoped they would—from my relationship to my career.”

From the moment the track begins, listeners are immediately transported to an alternate headspace where no worries exist. The eloquent lyrics tell the story of the everyday underdog who is strong enough to fight all the doubters. “At that time, I was at a crossroads of what musical direction to take the Becoming Young project. One night my sister said, ‘Brandon, just write a song for yourself.’ She knows I tend to write most of my songs for other people. So I took her advice and wrote a letter to myself, which evolved into ‘Kingdoms Will Know.’”

Accompanied by dynamic low-fi synthesizers and an inspiring melody, this new track has listeners feeling openly empowered. “No one remembers people who just ‘win’ all the time. But the folks who were kicked when they were down, yet still got up to fight—those are the heroes that people remember long after their time on the earth. Hence the final line of the song, ‘Kingdoms will know your story.’” The song was co-produced by Austin Shawn and Brandon Calano, and mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound.

Singer-songwriter Brandon Calano goes by the pseudonym, Becoming Young. The name represents the idea of letting go of who we aren’t, so we can become who we were meant to be all along. Calano has enjoyed storytelling since the young age of 11 when he started writing his own songs. Since then, he has put his unfiltered emotions into every song he writes. Dermot Kennedy is one of Calano’s biggest music influences. Admiring Kennedy’s raw, authentic songwriting, Calano has channeled these elements in his own writing.

Becoming Young has been praised by American Songwriter Magazine, Pop Wrapped, Yahoo!, Celeb Mix and Forbes who called Calano an artist “brimming with intrigue, angst, and heartbreak.” He has released over 20 songs in the last year, generated over nine million streams, and has been added to countless playlists.

“Writing this song felt like getting up and fighting the good fight. And I’m glad to say that since writing the song, the winds of life have begun to shift in my favor.” Download or stream “Kingdoms Will Know” on all music platforms now. Follow Becoming Young’s journey on socials @becomingyoung or visit