Berried Alive Release New Single / Title Track “Our Own Light” 

Portland, OR – Charles and Kaylie Caswell – the pun-filled pear behind Berried Alive – have partnered with The Big Takeover to reveal the details of their next album, Our Own Light. Alongside the release of the title, tracklist, and cover art of the 15-song LP, the duo shared their 5th single and title track from their forthcoming full-length “Our Own Light.” Our Own Light is set for release on September 9 and is now available to pre-order, the title track, “Our Own Light,” is streaming now on all digital platforms.

From the earliest blueprints of Our Own Light, Berried Alive approached the project with the  intention of expanding the pear-ameters of their genre. Best known for their ability to shred – a skill that caught the attention of both Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello –  the duo realized they wanted to prove they could push themselves sonically and emotionally, by expanding their sound beyond the signatures of a metal band. “We personally listen to a lot of different styles of music,” the band admits, addressing their explosion of sound. “We like different things about each style, so we’ve incorporated some elements of our favorite styles into one sound.”

Simultaneously, the band defected from their hard rock genre’s angry and insensitive songwriting style, leaning into a more transparent and candid approach to storytelling. Reinforcing that nothing is im-popsicle if you refuse to cake your eye off the prize, Berried Alive use Our Own Light to remind their listeners that you shrimply have to do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles that may be in front of you.

 The feedback to the band’s musical maturity has been egg-cellent. Their first single from the record, “Sit There Like A Lemon,” proved they weren’t forking around and were all in on their shift in sound.  CLASH highlighted the band’s ability to blur the genre limes, stating it “melds together EDM, rock, metal, and vivid pop textures.” Meanwhile, many publications have zoomed in on Berried Alive’s focus on mental health, with Wonderland confessing that the dark and triumphant single “Pearanoid,” proves that “there is no darkness which Berried Alive cannot overcome.” Both “Poisonberry” and  “Melon-Choly’” use their introspective lyrics to discuss the necessity of healthy boundaries and structure, mirroring the decisions that Charles and Kaylie made early in their relationship, when they were craving a butter life for themselves, and refused to cave to the pear pressure to follow the standard industry blueprint. Ditching studio time and traditional tour routings, the duo decided to relish their time together and build a life intended for healthy living.

Taking matters into their own hands has been the best path for Berried Alive to dill with the workload that comes with being a creator. The results have been considerable. As Charles writes, produces, mixes, and masters the outfit’s music, which has gathered nearly 50-melon streams globally, and spawned five studio albums featuring 30 pun-based singles, Kaylie contributes lyrics and the occasional basslines, while creating and designing the band’s clothing brand and streetwear line, which was recently spotlighted by Lil’ Pump, who supported the Pearasite Collection. Their unique line includes wearable art like bomber jackets, a varsity jacket style sweater, sneakers, joggers, and hoodies, which all feature the band’s adorable strawberry and crossbones logo.

 Like their music, which they’ve created with the intention of helping people feel connected and less alone in the world, they hope that by creating in a way that is accessible and impactful for the everyday person, they can provide some encourage-mint to help people choose to juice be themselves.

Our Own Light” is now available to stream on all digital platforms. You can pre-order Our Own Light now. To keep up with the latest music from Berried Alive, follow them on Instagram @berriedaliveofficial and visit