Blake English Unveils Debut EP, Spiders Make Great Poets

Los Angeles-Based Pop Punk Artist Thrills On Solo Release

Los Angeles, CA – Glam pop-punk artist, Blake English releases his debut EP, Spiders Make Great Poets, a coming of age story about his journey to break down societal expectations and dealing with social pressure. With English’s raw and intense lyrics, powerful vocals, and dynamic energy from the guitar and drums, we are given an emotional and angst-filled portrayal of his journey through life. Spiders Make Great Poets is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Spiders Make Great Poets was produced by Gabe Lopez (Tyler Hilton, Belinda Carlisle) and Alex Niceforo (Demi Lovato, Britney Spears). It tells an authentic story of Blake English’s trials and tribulations with growing up and developing his individuality against social expectations. The first single off the EP is “Sad Girls Dance Party,” a lively and upbeat song that you can’t help but bop your head to. Lyrically, the track details English’s way of coping and creating a safe space to express himself. “I wrote this EP about the journey of self-expression as a means to free oneself from societal expectations,” explains English. “It’s a coming-of-age story starting at childhood with toxic family dynamics, moving to a school environment and social pressures, and eventually expanding into adulthood and the repercussions of betraying oneself for the sake of fitting in.” The second song off the EP, “This Is The End” is about English’s struggle in high school to be himself and not fitting into the status quo. His intense vocals and vivid lyrics highlight the dark path this took him down. His listeners are given insight into an authentic portrayal of his high school experience and how that shaped him and his music. One of the most emotional songs off the album, “A Ghost I Knew From Yesterday,” responds to the betrayal he felt from toxic family members. At the same time, “The Neighbors” depicts a typical southern family with a dark side. A consistent theme throughout the EP is toxic family dynamics and English’s emotional turmoil that he deals with as a result of these traumatic experiences. Closing out the album is “United States of Depression,” a powerful and provocative representation of his struggle with depression and anxiety, and the coping mechanisms he uses to deal with this constant battle.

Blake English is an American pop-punk artist from Athens, Georgia currently residing in Los Angeles. As a triple threat, English is first and foremost a performer. He is inspired by the theatrics and performance style of artists like Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, and Marilyn Manson, while his sound is reminiscent of bands like My Chemical Romance. With his former band, he headlined events for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, did three national tours, performed for Radio Disney’s Christmas Show, played SXSW, and shared the stage with Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls.

With captivating lyrics and intense delivery, Blake English’s EP, Spiders Make Great Poets radiates angst, individuality, and self-expression that everyone can relate to. Download or stream Spiders Make Great Poets now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Blake English’s journey, visit