Brazilian Artist Libra Releases Single “Flakey Town”

Los Angeles, CA – Brazilian indie-pop artist, Libra, feels a little lost in his newest single, “Flakey Town (featuring Elyse Cizek).” Libra frontman, Zeh Monstro, uses spicy melodies to share how overwhelming and disorienting a major city like Los Angeles can feel. The upbeat single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Uprooting your life and moving to a whole new city is an experience that is both exciting and terrifying. In 2014, Zeh Monstro took this leap as he moved from his hometown of São Paulo, Brazil to Los Angeles. Although he has lived in the United States for the last seven years, he can’t help the out-of-place feeling many foreigners experience. In most of his projects, Zeh Monstro tends to reflect on his own experiences within the city of LA. This holds true in his latest single, “Flakey Town,” as he highlights the struggle of people finding their place in a town that begins to feel unknown. Whether that be due to the misjudgment of relationships, culture shock, or having to deal with flakey people, we all eventually yearn for home or for how things once were. “Since I moved to LA, I have been inspired by the relationships born out of living in a fast-paced city,” explains Monstro. “With ‘Flakey Town,’ I am trying to speak to a universal struggle many people in big cities experience, whether that city is Los Angeles, NY, Paris, or my home São Paulo. In addition, quarantine and the relative isolation that comes with it shines a light on the true nature of the fragile social connections we all have, and I think many people will relate the experience of learning about the true nature of their friendships and relationships during these lonely times.” Fellow Los Angeles musician Elyse Cizek makes an appearance on the single, and the harmonies between her and Monstro’s voice are the driving force of the track. The vocals, the classic indie guitar riffs, the use of an 80’s synth, and Sylvain Carton’s soulful saxophone addition make for a unique indie sound that feels as if summer may be starting a little earlier this year. The single was recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Will Golden at SirTiger Studio and mastered by Mark Chalecki.

Libra is the brainchild of Zeh Monstro, a Brazilian native who began his musical career playing drums in a punk rock band at the age of fifteen. After playing in several bands in Brazil, he decided that it was time to come to the United States to play music with his band called Name the Band. They had a prominent career as they played Lollapalooza, reached a million hits on Spotify, toured all over the US, and released two albums. In 2019, he started his solo project Libra, born out of six years of observations by an outsider looking in, a South American taking on what it means to live, love, and party in LA. Monstro plans to collaborate with a different local artist to blend vocals and bring different styles to the project for each single. Libra’s first single, “Freak Show,” featured singer Lily Waters, giving it a unique pop & rock n’ roll aesthetic. Monstro’s sound is rooted within rock and punk rock; however, his vision for Libra is the genre-fusion of pop, rock, and indie. He draws on influences such as David Bowie, Sade, The Strokes, Lana Del Rey, and Metronomy with Brazilian Bossa Nova to culminate his sound. He also draws on other influences outside of music as he is an avid painter and fashion-oriented.

Feeling out of place and disconnected from your peers is something that people deal with throughout any city, and by shedding light on this fact, Libra can bring comfort to listeners as they realize they are not alone. Download or stream “Flakey Town (featuring Elyse Cizek)” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Libra’s journey, follow him on Instagram @LibraMusicOfficial.