BRE Releases Women’s Empowerment Anthem “The Revolution”

Alt-Pop Artist Directly Responds To The Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

Los Angeles, CA – Rising alt-pop artist BRE has released “The Revolution,” an empowering call to action referencing the current events surrounding women’s rights. As a powerful, hard-hitting, and eye-opening activism anthem, “The Revolution” will have listeners prepared to fight for change. The single is available now to stream worldwide on all digital platforms.

BRE opens “The Revolution” by defining her sense of urgency with a spirited and profound beat drop followed by pertinent opening lyrics, “Land of the free, don’t look like it to me.” Mixed by Carlos Gallardo-Candia (Tommy Walker) and mastered by Dale Becker (Doja Cat, Justin Bieber), the self-written and produced track features a resounding, thunderous beat, backed by a sampled choir of Katerina Gimon’s piece “FIRE,” in conjunction with Mike Kindle’s electrifying guitar riffs. Flawlessly complementing BRE’s powerhouse sound and lyricism are Carrie Rappaport’s influential and insistent background vocals. Confirming her definitive goal of standing up for women’s rights, BRE explains, “This song is a protest song, speaking out against the politicians who use their religious convictions as justification to take away the rights of women. This song was written specifically about the Roe v Wade overturning, but it is about women’s rights and the importance of the separation of church and state when it comes to legislation. It is hugely relevant to the current crisis in Iran due to the Hijab/forced modesty rules.”

Hellbent to propel the change she hopes to see in the world, not just speaking about it, BRE has been proactive in using her platform as a tool for progress. Taking her political support to the next level, she will donate 50% of the proceeds from “The Revolution” to a cause personal to her, the Beto O’Rourke for Governor of Texas campaign, as he runs against the anti-choice candidate Greg Abbott. “Texas has a huge decision to make in the election of their governor: move towards hope and progress with a candidate who cares about his constituents or stay stagnant with the harmful and increasingly extreme views of a governor who is leading the efforts against the rights of his citizens. Beto O’Rourke is the only way forward.”

Kicking off her love for music as a child, BRE did all she could to be center stage. Moving with her parents and family of six to Los Angeles from Illinois, BRE initially took up acting but quickly realized that music was her true passion. Being well-versed in piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, she played open mics and wrote music as often as she could, recording multiple albums under different names. Later spending time in Austin, Texas, and New Zealand volunteering for a non-profit organization, BRE missed making music and performing. Relocating back to LA, where she is currently based, BRE started producing her work from her bedroom studio, including her album From Beginning to End under her previous artist moniker, Bre-L. After releasing her debut single “Becoming Human” under her current title and taking musical inspiration from well-known artists such as Florence + The Machine, Stevie Nicks, Banks, Grimes, and Dolly Parton, BRE has found her sound and place in the industry as an empowering vocalist and lyricist.

Captivating, mind-bending, and influential, “The Revolution” is available now to stream worldwide. To keep up with BRE and her musical journey, follow her on Instagram @bremusicpage or visit her website