Bri Oglu Explores the Space Between Love and Loss In New Single “Slowly”

Pop Artist Articulates Living in the Unknowns of Love

Los Angeles, CA – Bri Oglu has released her debut single, “Slowly,” an alt-pop exploration of the brief moments following a confession of love. The song talks about living in the unknown and being unsure if one is at the beginning of a new romance or at the end of a friendship. “Slowly” is currently available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

“Slowly” truly sets the tone for who Bri Oglu is both as an artist and songwriter. The track, off the rising star’s forthcoming EP, follows themes of love, potential loss, and growth. These themes reoccur throughout Oglu’s creations as she uses her raw emotions and detailed storytelling to express a relatable experience through her lyrics. The soulful-pop artist stated that this single is actually something she wrote a few years back and later revisited. “I wrote this song in 2019 and then shelved it because I couldn’t quite figure out its voice,” Oglu shares. “I wrote it about the person who ended up producing it years later; it was a pretty surreal full-circle moment.” With lyrics such as, “why is it before the rise we feel so small?” and “if I’m gonna lose you, please don’t say it just yet,” Oglu gracefully describes the anxieties of facing the unknown. Adding onto an epic, cinematic production from Will Snyder alongside Oglu’s sweet yet unique vocal textures, this song is sure to make a listener feel moved. “Slowly” was mastered at Sterling Sound by Idania Valencia (Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, X Ambassadors).

Bri Oglu draws her musical influences from a wide range of artists and genres. While she enjoys the grit of Amy Winehouse and the boldness of rock music, she also dabbles in jazz, soul and even has a background in musical theater. Oglu made it evident that music and singing is her ultimate passion. “I was initially intimidated by the scene, so I leaned into acting (another passion) — I procured an agent and manager and started going on auditions while working at a karaoke bar (I got into trouble a couple of times for singing too much on the job). I ironically ended up working way more as a singer than actor and went with it.”

As a rising artist, Bri Oglu is coming out of the gate strong with her first single, “Slowly,” with more music to come. With a unique vocal tone, bold instrumentations, and emotionally evoking lyrics, Bri Oglu is an artist that is coming into her own and exploring new ways to push musical boundaries. Be sure to stream “Slowly” on all digital platforms, and keep up to date with Bri at