Bri Oglu Explores the Truths of Heartbreak with New Single “Enough”

Cinematic Pop Artist Gives Positive Take on Breakups

Los Angeles, CA – Bri Oglu has released her latest single, “Enough.” This sultry-pop piece explores the open and honest experience of heartbreak, toxic relationships, and the conscious decision to leave. “Enough” is currently available on all digital platforms worldwide.

“Enough” is the second installment of Bri Oglu’s debut EP, Somewhere Else. Diving headfirst into the ugly truths of heartbreak, relationships, and a love story without a happy ending, Oglu is able to tell this sad tale not from a low place, but from a place of growth, love, and wishing someone well even after a negative experience. Her alluring voice and captivating lyrics tell the story of a close friend of Oglu. “I wrote this song through both my eyes and the eyes of my closest friend who had been in a relationship with an addict,” says Oglu. “Initially, the chorus was about seeking clarity, but when I began collaborating with the producer, we ended up rewriting it to be about moving on and growth. The change felt right and like growth in and of itself.” Her lyrics, co-written by producer Will Snyder, speak from the heart as she says, “hope you find some peace, hope you fall in love,” and “hope you remember me and know you’re enough.” She forgivingly addresses the past partner by wishing them well and reminding them that there still is a chance at love even if it isn’t with her. With production by Snyder, mixing by Tim Latham, and mastering by Sterling Sound’s Idania Valencia, “Enough” is a blend of heartache and genuine well wishes tied together by Oglu’s unique alt-pop sound.

Growing up, Bri Oglu began writing songs with inspiration from her mother’s love for rock and pop and her father’s passion for 80s and jazz music. With roots in acting and musical theater, it is clear why her storytelling is so complex throughout her lyrics in both “Enough” and her previous single, “Slowly.” Being raised with musical influences ranging from Amy Winehouse to Idina Menzel allowed Oglu to create a cinematic, soulful pop sound that will be showcased more than ever on her EP. Her debut single, “Slowly,” was touted by LA Music Review, Mundane Magazine, Naluda Magazine, and more.

Bri Oglu’s “Enough” leaves the listener wanting to hear more of her story, to be told on her forthcoming EP, Somewhere Else. Emphasizing her alt-pop voice combined with distinctive production and artistic instrumentation, fans are sure to continue to hear more from Bri Oglu as she releases more projects. Make sure to stream “Enough” on all digital platforms, and follow her online at