Brooklyn Artist Collective Every Us Unveils Single “Fools Gold” From Upcoming EP

New York, NY – Every Us, a burgeoning music collective, has released their new single “Fools Gold,” a follow-up to their debut release “Someday,” both previewing their forthcoming EP. The collective’s artistic endeavor aims to encapsulate those moments when individuals connect with something greater than themselves. By blending inspirational lyricism with harmonious melodies, Every Us achieves a transcendent musical experience. “Fools Gold” is now available for global audiences to stream.

“‘Fools Gold’ is capturing the moment you go to the bar out of last-ditch loneliness. Through one drink and one stranger at a time, you find yourself a part of a drunken, joyous, carefree crew. Buzzed and weightless with your new sidekicks, the moment becomes endless, the sun comes up, but you have no place to be,” frontman and Every Us founder Ryan Jones explains.

“Fools Gold” is an anthem that exudes motivation and dynamism. The persistent backbeat claps infuse the track with movement and momentum, while the seamless fusion of instrumentation and powerful vocals harmoniously combine the artists’ diverse influences. With multiple voices and songwriting that resonates with the spirit of early aughts indie rock spun with modern alt and indie pop, the song possesses an immediate allure for listeners. The storytelling in this single reflects the musical journey as the lyrics reiterate a situation from when “time turns to mush, cuz she left with the drugs, and your pride in her purse.” This emphasizes the group’s playful approach to storytelling and ability to capture deeply human moments. “Music is shared feelings and is so centered in culture because of that. We want to collect those sounds and explore what music means to different people,” Jones says. Every Us crafts music that embodies a sense of community and collective identity, transcending the limitations of individual artistry.

Initiated by artist and world traveler Ryan Jones, Every Us is the culmination of a global journey aimed at uniting experiences and individuals. Now based in the vibrant artistic landscape of NYC, Jones and his collective embark on a new mission. Their Brooklyn-curated community live events have attracted over 200 attendees across three successful gatherings in 2022. Every Us meticulously assembles a lineup of diverse artists spanning genres from folk to R&B, and jazz to DJs. Seamlessly integrating their single into their performances, they organically promote their music, brand, and synergetic ethos. Collaborators and contributors include the likes of Olivia Reid, Michael Tighe (Adele, Mark Ronson), Charlie Klasfield (Clean Bandit, Branchez), and guitarist Dan Sagher (Charlie Burg). The track was mixed by Latin Grammy winner Soular and mastered by Kia Shavon, with visual contributions from esteemed filmmakers Frank Sun (Peloton, The Olympics) and Talia Light Rake.

Every Us continues to evolve as an artist collective, crafting captivating melodies and resonant music underscored by profound themes. “Fools Gold” provides a tantalizing glimpse into their boundless potential, highlighting the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead. Audiences worldwide can explore the musical offerings of Every Us on various streaming platforms. Be sure to check out Every Us by following them on Instagram @EveryUsmusic.