Buster Baer Releases Uplifting New Single “Get Deeper”

Los Angeles, CA – Up and coming retro-indie artist, Buster Baer, has released his new single, “Get Deeper” from his upcoming EP Mock Twang. The upbeat track is a break-up song about two people who still love each other, but need to take time to focus on loving themselves first. “Get Deeper” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

Unlike traditional slow, sad breakup songs, “Get Deeper” carries an uplifting rhythm and flow. Instead of dwelling on the hardships of his break-up, Buster Baer uses an optimistic melody accompanied by a funky bass to focus on what his relationship would look like if the couple took a necessary break to better themselves. “I wrote ‘Get Deeper’ after breaking up with a girl who was in a negative mental health space,” Baer shares. “It sort of graduated to being about a celebration of spirituality in general, which makes me laugh because spirituality is usually so calm and centered. I thought it’d be fun to get a little excited about getting mellow, to get fired up to calm down, to get hot and bothered about cooling off and taking it easy.” The eloquent lyrics reveal the saddening truth Baer faces when he realizes that to move forward, he must take a break. “I think I love you enough to leave you for your own sake” is a bittersweet line in the song that perfectly summarizes the essence of this story. “Get Deeper” resembles indie-soul with a touch of funk, taking inspiration from early-Beatles and Bootsy Collins to modern-day influences like Chiefly, Tame Impala, and Mac Demarco. Baer’s musical style can be described as retro-indie with a lot of early 60’s soul influence. His music has been compared to The Doors, Roy Orbison, and the Mile High Club, to name a few.

At age 12, Buster Baer started playing drums in a mom-and-pop shop, where he now teaches. He is an expert bass player and has experimented with piano, flute, violin, accordion, autoharp, and trumpet. Growing up, he always strived to stand out from the crowd. He searched to pursue something that he didn’t see anyone else around him doing, which led to him attending Clown School. “I learned so much about myself and had to face so many demons that I wound up realizing I was an alcoholic,” Baer reveals about taking clown classes. Due to this realization, his life has become sober, and he started teaching others everything he knows about music and his journey. When he’s not focused on his music, Baer focuses his energy on writing poetry and has even published two poetry books. His creative writing skills and ability to interpret and convey himself spiritually are illustrated in his lyrics, and this talent is evident in his new single, “Get Deeper.”

His inspiring story and authentic spirit bring a whole new meaning to his music and encourage listeners to be better to themselves. Keep an eye out for Buster’s upcoming EP Mock Twang and download or stream “Get Deeper” on all music platforms now. Follow Buster Baer’s journey on Instagram @BusterBaer and on Tiktok @BusterTheBaer.