Cam M. Releases Audacious Single, “Karma”

Dark-Pop Singer Grows From Past Experience

Boston, MA – Alt-pop artist Cam M. has just released her newest single, “Karma.” The entrancing track slowly builds from a haunting beginning to a mesmerizing beat that will have you bopping along. Cam M.’s lyricism and production style continue to create a mark on the dark-pop genre with this newest song. “Karma” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

After a trying experience that caused her to face changes in several relationships in her life, Cam M. penned her bold response with “Karma.” The most important aspect of each music release for Cam is the authenticity to her own thought process, “Karma” continues that aspect and shows another glimpse into her life and experiences. Produced by GrizD, the song starts with a haunting beginning, slowly bringing in soft beats and a steady guitar creating the perfect backing track to Cam’s passionate and silvery vocals. “I wrote this song after finding out about a false rumor that had caused me to lose a lot of my friends. Although the person who spread the rumor was trying to take people away from me, we actually ended up coming together over bad experiences with her a year later,” says Cam M. “This song is about how manipulating others can backfire and leave you lonelier than the people you tried to hurt.” The sassy lyrics convey the message that sometimes things don’t always have the wanted reaction. Cam M. sings, “Was it better in Wonderland? Who’s the villain now?” Karma is a universal experience, making this single relatable yet unique for listeners to vibe to.

Cam M. has been singing her entire life but realized her passion for writing music in fifth grade. What started as poetry slowly morphed into writing lyrics for songs. Once she reached high school, she realized her love for the production aspect of making music and set out to create a fresh and relatable sound. Drawing influence from artists like Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez, Cam’s lyrics are compelling and raw, while her production features dark melodies and catchy beats. Her music has been touted by Pop Wrapped, Vibez Music, Altitude, Divine Magazine, and more.

Cam M. wants listeners to think about their actions and realize that “karma” can and will come into effect. Download or stream “Karma” on all digital music platforms now. Keep up with Cam M. by visiting her website at and following her Instagram @_cammmusic and TikTok @camm.musicc.