Chris Bullinger Breaks Loose on New Single “Flowers in the Rain”

Nashville, TN – Ahead of the release of his forthcoming full-length, How To Bleed, Chris Bullinger has released his latest single, “Flowers in the Rain,” a track that explores the dogma of songwriting and reexamines what is needed to be truly happy. Through effervescent lyrics and inviting melodies, Bullinger evokes curiosity and alacrity in the face of life’s difficulties. “Flowers in the Rain” is available for listening or digital download on all major streaming platforms.

Bullinger’s upbeat, aesthetically indie guitar riff, established in the opening seconds of the track, demonstrates the unrestrained framework of the three-minute track. Throughout the song, Bullinger tackles the blissful moments of life, ranging from “running through the green fields of our childhood,” to “waking in the morning in one another’s arms.”

“When my guitar and I sat down to write this song, I was trying to envision the prettiest image I could imagine. Sort of the opposite, I suppose, of what Johnny Cash was doing when he came up with, ‘I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die…’” explains Bullinger. “All those moments are described in the verses of the song, but the one most striking image which kept coming around, and which keeps coming around in the chorus, is the song’s title: ‘Flowers in the Rain.’”

Chris Bullinger’s personality can possibly be best described by one phrase: Chris doesn’t like being told what he can’t do. His musical talent has consistently demonstrated an ability to perceive both the splendor and suffering inherent in life, and then present them in tandem with his own distinctive style. He posits that songwriting is built on three fundamental pillars: keen observation, deep empathy, and rhythmic expression. As such, he is a discerning chronicler of human experiences, frequently honing in on a single, significant moment, empathetically engaging with it, and then amplifying that instance through rhythm.

This perspective on life is palpable in “Flowers in the Rain,” with the key metaphor embodying this juxtaposition. It follows “Up On Blocks,” the debut single from How To Bleed, which is inspired by the struggles of a man who has been dealt a difficult hand but continues to persevere. “This story ends about the way it begins with a slightly different attitude, which—like in life—makes all the difference,” Bullinger said. Produced by Josh Halper and Harrison Luna and engineered and mixed by Drew Carroll, both tracks represent the second chapter of The Bomb Shelter Trilogy, named after the studio in Nashville, Tennessee, where three full-lengths will be recorded.

With radiant energy that exudes a carefree, happy environment, “Flowers in the Rain” is another sneak peek into his upcoming record. The track is available to stream on all digital platforms. For more about Chris Bullinger, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram at @ChrisBullingersings.