Claire Ridgely Releases Pop Gem “Can We Be Friends?”

Indie Pop Artist Drops Eerily Upbeat Single

Los Angeles, CA — Indie pop artist Claire Ridgely has released her neon-hued single “Can We Be Friends?” Ridgely’s soulful and sweet vocals bolster authentic lyrics that share a deeply personal recollection of a traumatic childhood experience. She expertly spins this dark tale into a pop gem and inspires others to take back control in their own lives and let these traumatic experiences be just a chapter in their stories, not the whole book. “Can We Be Friends?” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Claire Ridgely’s single “Can We Be Friends?” is a raw and cautionary tale of the realities of being a girl in this world. “This song tells the story from my childhood, where I escaped a threatening interaction with an older man on my way home from school,” explains Ridgely. “Metaphorically, the song was therapeutic and allowed me the opportunity to work through this trauma. It’s a song that you can really dance to, and it feels so good to be able to dance to something that was once traumatic and heavy. I think listeners can take away the message of healing old wounds by finding ways to allow them to be a part of your story, but not your whole story.” The juxtaposition of the heavy lyrics with the vibrance and upbeat melody in the song captures the eerie and scary atmosphere of the situation: a typical, fun day for a child overshadowed by a dangerous threat. “Can We Be Friends?” became an outlet for Ridgely to process and heal while inspiring her listeners to do the same. “I use music as a form of expression and to tell stories that are important to me. I wanted to write about this subject as a way to give that experience new meaning and take power back. While this man tried to remove my power, writing this song was therapeutic and allowed me to control the narrative and give me back my voice,” she explains. “Can We Be Friends?” blends sweet pop sounds with Ridgely’s raw lyrics to deliver a powerful message of caution, courage, and optimism.

Claire Ridgely is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter originally from Northern Virginia. She has worked as a featured artist in the electronic music scene for several years, doing vocals for Said the Sky, Robotaki, and Pat Lok, among others. Ridgely is heavily inspired by growing up listening to her parents’ funk collection of Earth, Wind, and Fire and Chaka Khan, alongside singer-songwriters like James Taylor, John Mayer, and Kacey Musgraves, which can be heard in the intricacies of her production and vivid storytelling. Ridgely is now focusing her energy towards her solo career as an indie-pop sensation. She has released six singles since September 2018, which have been enthusiastically received by the likes of Billboard and Spotify. Ridgely is working hard from her collaborative home studio to complete her first EP, which will be released in the fall.

With intense and heavy lyrics and a contrasting bouncy pop sound, Claire Ridgely’s “Can We Be Friends?” is a bright pop anthem that inspires its audience to take control of their own lives and find hopefulness in the face of adversity. Download or stream “Can We Be Friends?” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Claire Ridgely’s journey, you can follow her on Instagram @overtheridgely.