Cousin Mouth Drops Euphonic New Album “MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer”

Detroit, MI – Detroit-based psychedelic R&B group, Cousin Mouth, has released their new album, MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer, following the debut of the album’s first single and music video for “New Memories.” Showcasing its canorous and dreamlike sound, the collection of tracks enter the psych-pop realm that Cousin Mouth is known for. Their signature groove and beat-based style encapsulate how our past selves, experiences, and relationships inevitably influence our present. MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer is available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide, while the vinyl may be purchased on Bandcamp.

MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer touches on experiences with pain, hate, anger, suffering, and the pursuit of joy. “I’m generally inspired by things that express a space or a mood through texture or structure,” explains lead singer Alex Burns. “I feel like music has the ability to transport and transform when it shows both the musicians and the context in which music is presented.” The album, released on Feeder Loft Records, was recorded with the vocal talents of Salakastar (Aja Dier), Supercoolwicked (Morgan Hutson), and Sara Marie Barron, and features Sasha Kashperko on bass, Jake Shadik on flute and saxophone, Ian Fink on keys and synthesizer, and Will Daniels on drums. The 10-track album reflects nostalgic sounds of Burn’s past as he has recently indulged in gospel music. “Music with the intent being a reflection of something divine really resonates with me,” he says.

The album’s lead single, “New Memories,” is about learning to overcome past experiences and use them to find inner peace. A music video for the song was released last month. The song “Fellows” was created with the intention of bringing darkness, juxtaposing the otherwise light sounding album. The words speak to the insecurities that often bubble in relationships. Due to its dark side, it sonically occupies a different space than the rest of the record. When composing “Every Bad Man,” Burns was seeking to create something that was both musically beautiful and delicate while also heavy and direct. Writing the lyrics from an honest and conversational space, the song conveys the quiet vulnerability in relationships simultaneously alongside the heavy, grim parts. “From a musical standpoint, I wanted to reflect the intensity of the lyrics—the second half of the song becomes a giant wall of sound.” The gripping emotion is clearly shown through the band’s musicianship, the song’s triumphant instrumental crescendo. MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer perfectly showcases the band’s ability to mesh psychedelic with soul, indie, and RnB, resulting in a beautifully unique sound.

Cousin Mouth is the brainchild of songwriter and producer Alex Burns. Their sound is inspired by artists like James Blake, D’Angelo, and Todd Rundgren; moody and sultry R&B with some pop influence. The use of minimal and deeper textual components in his music writing is mostly inspired by James Blake. When naming the band, “Mouth” came from Burns being a singer foremost, and “Cousin” comes from the familial connection they access through music and the community that it builds. MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer is their second studio album following their 2018 debut album, Medusa, released by Detroit record shop and label Paramita Sound.

The gospel-like melodies of MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer resonate with both the technical complexity of a jazz group and the directness of a pop group. Download or stream MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer now on digital music platforms worldwide or purchase the vinyl on Bandcamp. To keep up with their musical journey, follow Cousin Mouth on social media @CousinMouth.