Dakota 66 Celebrates the Comfort of Friendship In Debut Single “Bubble”

Dublin, Ireland – Indie rock band Dakota 66 has released their debut single, “Bubble,” a lively, affectionate friendship anthem that explores the feeling of safety in knowing that someone will be unconditionally there for you. “Bubble” is available to stream and download now on all digital platforms.

Accompanied by warm, delicate folk-rock rhythms and affectionate lyrics, “Bubble” is a radiant celebration of connections between people, bursting with gratefulness and memories of tender, delightful moments. True to its title, the track is bubbly, uplifting, and genuine as it unfolds in an earnest, euphoric declaration of friendly love. Tucking themselves into a comforting cocoon of kindness and affection, Dakota 66 praises the importance of moments in which we can find a home in a friend, and allow them to lead us back to our true selves. With lyrics like “Wrap me up in a bubble with all my books/wrap me up with my music and all my luck/cause I got you and you get me,” the band opens up about the need for a comforting space, a safe haven amongst the hardships of everyday life – a place for us to be ourselves, surrounded by the things and people we love.

The track is a meditation on the power of meaningful relationships, which sees Dakota 66 basking in the warming sense of safety and contentment that arise from spending quality time with a friend. In “Bubble,” the world stops for a while, and the homey, comforting energies of the song expand, radiating in an all-encompassing celebration of the beauty of caring about one another.

Irish indie rock band Dakota 66 has been playing together for over a decade. Composed of J Gallagher (vocals), Brian Grace (guitar), Brian Curran (bass), and Thomas Leonard (drums), Dakota 66 draws influences from country rock, post-punk, artists ranging from The National and R.E.M. to Radiohead, Lou Reed and David Bowie. After ten years of playing together, Dakota 66 is due to release their debut album, If Not Now, When, later this year. Taking the long way and ensuring that they would be putting out their best, most refined work, the band knows their songs have something to say – and now, they are ready to share them as they are: reflections on life, people, hope, loss, and emotions.

Warm, soulful and delicate, “Bubble” celebrates the comforting moments of connection and contemplates the beauty of being there for one another. You can follow Dakota 66’s journey on their Instagram (@Dakota66_Band).