Dani Doucette Releases Captivating New Single, “Craved”

Pop Artist Puts a Confident Twist on Love and Lust Through Curiosity

Los Angeles, California — Pop artist, Dani Doucette, has just released her newest single, “Craved.” The neon-hued track fuses elements of R&B, disco, and pop while showcasing Doucette’s velvety vocals. Succeeding the release, a nostalgia-packed music video directed by Tyler Lord, is dropping May 21st and is sure to leave listeners wanting more. “Craved” is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide. 

The song’s narrative describes an entrancing feeling in a club when you lock eyes with someone across the room who may not be suitable for you, yet you gravitate towards them overwhelmed with mystery. With confidence, power, and sensuality, Doucette displays how being craved is a superpower. Aided in the writing process by Thomas McKay, “Craved” channels sci-fi energy, bringing the ambiance of an interstellar  party right to the listener’s ears. “While writing this song and working on some of the harmonies, we were all feeling MJ and Britney vibes,” Doucette explains. “I remember Thomas and I just knew we had made something special.” The lyrics describe losing yourself to love but only enough to leave a craving for more; it pairs perfectly with the whirlwind of a vibrant backing track that accompanies Doucette’s voice.

Dani Doucette fell in love with music at the young age of four when her father brought home a baby grand piano. She had an aptitude for lyricism and a natural sense of melody that propelled her musical curiosities throughout her childhood. The Toronto native spent her days practicing in her family’s sun-soaked music room, learning how to play. Ever since then, Doucette has had a knack for writing songs to go along with her powerful voice. Aside from being an artist, she is an accomplished model, adding the glamour and excitement of her world-traveling experiences to her music. As an aspiring humanitarian, Doucette  also uses her platform to work with young people on their journey of self-discovery. Applying her own struggles with confidence and feeling unfulfilled in the modeling world as her inspiration, she hosts self-esteem and confidence-boosting workshops for young women. Consistent with her goal of bringing about positive change in the world, Doucette strives to help people  overcome adversity by sharing her own life experiences openly.

Dani Doucette’s “Craved” is a story we all may know too well, wanting a person so severely whether it is true love or not. It’s a song that will infiltrate any atmosphere and leave listeners wanting more. You can follow Dani Doucette’s Instagram, @dani._doucette, for a look inside her daily life as an upcoming pop star.