Dark Side of Light Channels Feminist Icon Georgia O’Keeffe, Stirring Controversy in New Video

Indie-Alt Duo Create Captivating Interdimensional Character in Visual

Indie/alternative duo Dark Side Of Light, have released their eccentric and controversial music video for their psyche-pop opus, “Pull My Strings.”  Following the release of their second, original single, “Moist”,  the pair have created a beautiful and compelling visual work as they continue to challenge traditional songwriting and filmmaking norms. “Pull My Strings” is available to watch on YouTube and to stream/download on digital music platforms worldwide.  

The video for, “Pull My Strings”, fits perfectly with Nik Frost and Grant Conway’s unique, tripped-out, electro-acoustic sound and speaks to the heartbreak, fear of change and the isolation many of us faced during the pandemic.  The featured character in the piece, a bright blue, snake eyed, interdimensional being, singer Nik Frost conjured up, supposedly comes from a place where, “the structural framework of its universe can only support floral/plant-like beings.”  The prosthetic make up design, inspired by visionary, feminist painter, Georgia O’Keeffe’s erotic, “Flower Portraits” and executed by make up team, Sven Granlund and Yazmin Vinueza, features facial attributes that were meant to reflect the beauty and ambiguous nature of O’Keeffe’s characteristic works.  “This creature is shockingly different from us and true to human nature, obviously reviled for its differences, but eventually accepted by two key humans it encounters on the Kwai Chang Caine/Kung Fu-esque journey featured in the video,” says Frost.

The music video features James Hazley, who’s recently shot to fame as Eric Andre’s sidekick “Blannibal” on Adult Swim’s hit show, The Eric Andre Show, playing “The Soldier.” Veteran actor, Ron Cobert as “The Angry Man,” young up-and-comer, Alaina Wilson as “The Girl,” and Nik Frost embodying, “The Alien.”

Upon completing the project, the music video was immediately flagged online as being inappropriate.  “When you look at the alien, you are, in a way, forced to make your own determination regarding its facial features.  Is it reminiscent of a flower, or does it remind you of something else?” says Frost. “The issues we’ve had surrounding the creatures face, have been an eye-opener on where we currently reside in regards to censorship and what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate in today’s online universe”.  Says singer Frost, “Isn’t it ironic that these were points of conflict and controversy almost 100 years ago when O’Keeffe’s masterpiece, ‘Grey Lines with Black, Blue, and Yellow’ debuted in the 1920’s?”

The video’s beautiful, “golden hour” look, shot by project mainstay, David Dinwiddie and directed by the brilliant, Jason Tate, supports the epic tone of the track which, according to Postcard Elba, “Plays a bit like Grizzly Bear’s younger moodier kid brother” with, “Pet Sounds era melodic influences, but filtered through a more intimate and shadowy vibe that might be best described as, ‘what if Elliott Smith was really into keyboards and samples?’”

Dark Side Of Light is known for their dalliances with the bizarre and this release is no exception.  It is a thought-provoking reflection of the duo’s creative psyche and forward thinking artistic perspective.  Burrowed deep into a visual as well as a sonic exploration, the music video for “Pull My Strings” is a fantastically insightful piece.  Fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, alt-j, and Radiohead, will appreciate the emotional build-up and beat-based climax of “Pull My Strings.” Download or stream now on all major platforms worldwide and be sure to follow DSOL on Instagram via  @darksideoflightband or on Twitter @dsol2020.