Dark Side Of Light Drops Psychedelic New Single “Moist”

Indie Alternative Duo Releases New Hypnotic Track

Los Angeles, CA – Indie/alternative duo Dark Side Of Light have unveiled their new,  intoxicating single “Moist.” Following the release of their unparalleled rendition of the Seals & Crofts classic, “Summer Breeze,” the pair delivers an innovative and captivating track that combines tactile lyrics with hypnotic, fuzzed out beats. “Moist” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

The Indie/Alt duo, comprised of Nik Frost and Grant Conway, delivers ethereal vocals and deliciously dope bass lines in their new self-produced single “Moist.” The obscure and emotive track is reminiscent of bands like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Tame Impala, and Beck. “We didn’t want to approach the songs with conventional writing techniques, so we took it a step further, and instead of starting with ‘loops’ per se, we started with recording Grant playing live grooves we thought were sick and worked from that. From there, we were messing around with these really warped bass sounds and digitally stretching them. It brought out this unbelievable dirty ass sub frequency and spawned the song,” explains Frost. Alongside the melodic vocals and minimalistic lyrics, DSOL combines strange arrangements and compressed, live beats in their new track. “I purposefully did not go hardcore on the lyrics. Things are so far out these days, I felt it would serve the track more if I held back and made the lyrics vague and used double entendres instead of spelling out each act in the three-part sexual experience described in the song,” explains Frost.  “I have a friend who is absolutely disgusted by the word ‘Moist’ and also the word ‘Skin’, and as a joke, I started writing lyrics that included both words in the chorus and of course, I made it intentionally and overtly sexual for good measure,” Frost says. Eventually, after realizing the song had enormous potential,  the more overtly sexual lyrics were removed, and a more poetic take was created.

While Frost and Conway have collaborated for years, Dark Side Of Light is their first musical endeavor together. Drummer/producer Grant Conway was previously part of the Virgin America, signed band, Silver Jet, touring with Cheap Trick and Dogstar. At the same time, singer Nik Frost grew up heavily involved in the fine arts, exposing him to various music genres and the exuberant gay club scene in Barcelona, Spain. Frost started doing exhibitions and installations regularly at bars and nightclubs and was managed and produced as a musical artist, by the former manager of the Sex Pistols, enfant terrible, Malcolm McLaren for WEA International Records. Dark Side Of Light fuses their 60s and 90s influences with Trip Hop and underground club beats. They are heavily inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Alt-J, David Bowie and LCD Soundsystem.

Blending sensual vocals and heavy drums, Dark Side of Light delivers their eclectic and mesmerizing new single, “Moist.” Download or stream “Moist” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with DSOL’s journey, follow them on Instagram @darksideoflightband.