Dawson Fuss Releases New Single “Nothing Really Changes”

Santa Barbara, CA – Indie pop artist Dawson Fuss has released his newest single, “Nothing Really Changes.” The track incorporates a strong guitar, profound lyricism, and a focus on Fuss’s robust vocals. “Nothing Really Changes” is available to download and stream on all platforms.

“Nothing Really Changes” is the first single to follow Fuss’s debut EP Edge of Adolescence, marking an evolution and maturation of his sound and thematic material, as he enters the final months of his senior year of high school. Listeners will relate to this track as its message focuses on the transition from childhood to adulthood and the struggles that follow. “I grew up believing that as soon as I blew out the candles on my 18th birthday, the shackles of childhood would be broken…The problems I’d faced previously didn’t magically disappear, yet in reality, they became larger and more pressing,” said Fuss about the track. Influenced by Conan Gray, Ruel and Role Model, the song focuses on a steady and upbeat tune, while the lyrics tell a deeper story. Lyrics like “Thinking about stealing my childhood edge of adolescence” are some of the several prominent lines in this song, with this line specifically referencing his last EP. While reflecting on his childhood, Fuss states, “I realized I took advantage of the benefits of being a kid and living in a world of ignorance that now, being out of the bubble, I wish I could crawl back in and live in that blissful place.” The drastic shifts that people face growing up and maturing are something that all listeners can relate to no matter their age.

Dawson Fuss began humming along to music on the radio before he could talk. In the latter half of his high school career, Fuss began writing and developing his own music. He showcased his song “Real Boys Don’t Cry” at a singing competition, Teen Star Santa Barbara. The competition was judged by American Idol’s Randy Jackson, who proclaimed after Fuss’s performance, “A star is born!” Fuss continues to write original music, alongside writing partners Luke Matthew, Will Everett, and Yaron.

“Nothing Really Changes” will have listeners bumping their heads along to the beat while still encouraging reflection on their past selves. Download or stream “Nothing Really Changes” on all music platforms now. To stay up to date on Dawson Fuss’s musical journey, follow his Instagram @dawsonfuss or visit www.dawsonfuss.com.