Dawson Fuss Unveils Reflective Pop Track “Right Person Wrong Time”

Indie-pop Singer-songwriter Gets Personal on New Track

About  a Relationship Gone Wrong

Emerging pop artist Dawson Fuss has released his new single, “Right Person Wrong Time.” Picking up where his debut single left off, Fuss offers this personal and emotive track about a relationship gone wrong. This is the second single from Dawson’s forthcoming EP, Edge of Adolescence, set to drop later this year.  “I think the song’s moody production paired with the heavy lyrics create a 3D vision of this post-breakup emotion,” he explains. “Right Person, Wrong Time” is now available to stream and download. 

A pared-back and soulful beat combined with Dawson’s poignant vocals and pensive lyrics set the stage for “Right Person, Wrong Time.” From start to finish, the song grips the listener via his uncanny ability to make deeply personal experiences engaging and thought-provoking, proving that Dawson Fuss is a contender among his indie-pop contemporaries. This latest release explores a relationship that reaches its conclusion because the differences that were once endearing have become a source of constant friction.  The track is an introspective reflection of the many details and moments that lead up to the breakup, and the mosaic of emotions that arise immediately after. “I’ve come to realize that there are countless emotions and aspects of an ended relationship than one might see on the surface, including embarrassment and guilt, which is the result of knowing that a relationship is better off finished, but still wanting to rewrite the ending,” says Dawson.  Taking a mature approach to the breakup that is wise beyond his years, Dawson finds that although the two may have been suitable for each other in theory, the timing was not quite right for them to maintain a healthy relationship.

The sharp edge between being a kid and becoming an adult inspires Dawson Fuss the most when songwriting. “I feel as though my childhood and future adult selves are colliding.  On the cusp of gaining full independence, I am only beginning to discover the responsibilities that lie ahead.  Still living at home with my parents, I am often chafing against the limiting structures of childhood like curfews and accountability while relishing some newfound freedom like being able to drive myself around and wearing whatever I want.”

At only 17-years-old, Dawson Fuss is no stranger to the world of music. He performs at his school in two choirs and an a cappella group, and most recently placed in the top-three in the local singing competition Teen Star Santa Barbara, judged by American Idol’s Randy Jackson. After showcasing his original song, “Real Boys Don’t Cry,” Jackson proclaimed of Dawson, “a star is born.” He is currently working on more original music and developing his unique voice through collaborations with writers Luke Matthew, Will Everett, and Erland Wanberg.

“Right Person, Wrong Time” is available to download or stream on digital music platforms worldwide. Stay up to date with Dawson Fuss as he continues to carve out a path in music that’s all his own by following him on Instagram @dawsonfuss.