Decant Elevates Sonic Boundaries with Latest Single “Passing”

Berkeley, CA — Hailing from the historic Bay Area music scene, Decant emerges as a rising force in the world of dark pop. The group – consisting of frontperson and vocalist Freddie Bytheway, keyboardist and guitarist Joey Verdian, fellow keyboardist and guitarist Van Jackson-Weaver, and the rhythmic prowess of drummer Thelonius Quimby – shapes a distinctive sound with a new track, “Passing,” an artful navigation of the intricate emotional landscape of love and addiction, weaving together haunting melodies and a pulsating electro beat to create a truly captivating auditory experience. “Passing” is available to stream and download worldwide.

“Passing” delves into the complex emotions entwining love’s turmoil and the struggles born from substance use. The song’s entrancing introduction casts an atmospheric spell, paving the way for a hauntingly dark electro beat to take center stage. As the chorus unfurls, the melody intensifies, mirroring the weighty sentiments encapsulated in lines like, “Empty and deep are the thoughts that I think” and “Still hard to keep, my heart slow to the beat.” The song stands as a touching tribute to Corey Budke, a close friend of the band, who passed in February 2013. Both Budke and Verdian shared their formative years in Fresno, where their mutual love for music, exploration, and friendship flourished. In 2011, Verdian played a pivotal role in recording several original compositions by Budke, including the moving track “Solace.”

The chorus of “Passing” emerges as a poignant connection between past and present, as Verdian ingeniously integrates Budke’s introspective lyrics and vocal melodies from “Solace.” The song further showcases the contributions of two other cherished companions of both Decant and Corey Budke: Bradley Penner and Pete Egan. Penner’s rhythmic prowess shines through his drum arrangements on “Passing,” while Egan’s soul-stirring piano melodies inject an added layer of depth.

Since its establishment in 2016 by keyboardist/guitarist Joey Verdian, the experimental quartet Decant has consistently embarked on a journey of crafting unique symbolism within their music. Rooted in their name, which metaphorically represents their artistic process, Decant draws parallels to the transformation of emotions into palpable sensations through their sound, much like the process of decanting wine. Decant’s all-encompassing aesthetic is meticulously forged through an enchanting fusion of electronic nuances and organic instrumentations, harmoniously paired with delicate melodies that explore themes of loss, shifts in perspective, and raw vulnerability. Their musical journey commenced with the release of their debut single, “Gallatin,” in the spring of 2023, followed by the subsequent releases of “Take Them,” “Beverly,” and “Offshore.” Each of these tracks has resonated profoundly, amassing an impressive 80k streams and garnering around 10k monthly listeners on Spotify—an accomplishment solely attributed to their independent efforts.

With “Passing,” Decant boldly ventures into the intersection of personal experiences, artistry, and profound connections. This musical homage brings Budke’s memory to life through a mesmerizing arrangement that resonates deeply with listeners. To keep up with Decant’s latest releases, follow them on Instagram.