Eccentric Alt-Indie Duo Drops Trance-Inducing Single “Pull My Strings”

Dark Side Of Light Fuse Harmony And Trip-Hop Grooves In New Release

Indie/alternative duo Dark Side Of Light has released their mesmeric new single “Pull My Strings.” Following the debut of the beautifully shot music video for their first original single, “Moist,” this follow-up single tackles heartbreak, fear of change and the isolation many of us have faced during this global disaster.  The pair have created a hypnotic and compelling sound of their own as they challenge traditional songwriting norms. “Pull My Strings” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide. 

The alluring new track is inspired by beats played by Grant Conway. After recording a couple of different live drum takes, Nik Frost added the keyboard sequence that became the landscape of the song. “I wanted it to loop so many times that when it actually evolved into a chord progression, it would feel like a surprise,” said Frost. “Years ago, we had been attending ceremonial fire circles led by a man who proclaimed the idea of ‘letting go’ as a way of moving on from trauma and loss.” Still battling the pain of pandemic isolation, Frost and Conway reconnected to the concept. Providing an effective lift into the pre-chorus, the monotonous loop builds into a somniferous, joyously dark climax as the stunning drum fill leads into the first big chorus.

Dark Side Of Light is a sound-child of the nouveau California scene: Tired of searching for something fresh and new, Conway and Frost burrowed into an in-depth, sonic exploration to make a sound of their own. Frost is moved by melodies, harmonies and psychedelic lyrics which harken back to everything from the giant, late 60’s produced pop of Brian Wilson’s, The Beach Boys to indie underdogs, alt-j.  Conway, a drummer by nature and a producer/engineer by trade, has won an Emmy for his outstanding achievement as a music editor in the world of film and television. Put this up against Frost, a singer/songwriter/DJ who’s worked with everyone from Desert, Stoner God, Chris Goss  to German electronic music pioneers Air Liquide, and the duo were bound to come up with something fresh and inspiring. Praised by publications including Buzzbands LA, V13, and Boing Boing, it’s clear that Dark Side of Light is carving their own path to musical eminence.

Dark Side Of Light is known for their entrancing grooves and tripped-out-folk-hop sound. Fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, Beck and Elliot Smith, will appreciate the emotional build up and beat-based climate of “Pull My Strings.” Download or stream now on all major platforms worldwide and be sure to follow DSOL on social media @darksideoflightband.