Edie Yvonne Releases Soul-Stirring Single “On Your Mind”

Los Angeles, CA – Up-and-coming indie pop artist Edie Yvonne has released her formidable new single, “On Your Mind,” a groove that showcases the teen’s lyrical power. With an introspective narrative and a melodic arrangement, Edie Yvonne effortlessly takes listeners on a transformative musical experience, unveiling the essence of her emotional state as it intertwines with a loved one. “On Your Mind” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

“On Your Mind” artfully portrays a wide range of sentiments, taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. “I wrote ‘On Your Mind’ after feeling like I couldn’t get through to a loved one,” explains Edie Yvonne offering a heartfelt glimpse into her inner world. “I was questioning how to be close with someone and feel so far away, so disconnected.” This upbeat, guitar-driven anthem tells a story that resonates deeply, drawing listeners into her situation and igniting a sense of connection and relatability. Through the power of her words, Edie delves into the tempestuous distance between two souls, wondering what occupies the mind of the other person and why they struggle to find a lasting bond. With a desire to understand and embrace the complexities within her relationship, Edie is determined to navigate and mend them, while actively seeking to bridge the distance between them.

In her latest single, Edie Yvonne intimately explores the vivid turbulence of being unable to connect with her someone she has a personal relationship with. Her lyrics resonate with raw feelings, shedding light on the challenging dynamics of a troubled relationship. “On Your Mind” was written by Edie and is a collaboration with producers Nick Sweden, Cormac Lotta for Rose Productions. It comes as a follow-up to her well-received tracks, “In the Rain” and “Stain.”

Edie Yvonne’s musical journey began at a young age, inspired by her Abuela, a renowned opera singer. At only 14 years old, Edie is already making waves in music and film. With captivating musical theater performances and a vibrant sound influenced by artists like Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple, Lykke Li, and Bjork, she’s swiftly rising as a remarkable talent. Her involvement in numerous short films, including a lead performance in Chloë Sevigny’s directorial debut Kitty, which was presented at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, showcases her versatility and potential within the industry. Amidst the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, Edie channeled her emotions into her debut album, At Ease. The poignant compilation of songs served as a heartfelt reflection of her personal journey during these uncertain times, providing solace and strength to her listeners. Her last single, “In the Rain,” takes you on a bittersweet ride, skillfully expressing a rollercoaster of emotions and beautifully reflects the mental whirlwind after a deep conversation, affecting one’s authenticity. Her music has been praised in the press by CelebMix, Grimy Goods, LA Music Review, and more.

Discover “On Your Mind” now on all digital platforms, and stay tuned for her next single, “Queen Bee.” Follow Edie Yvonne’s musical journey on Instagram @EdieYvonneRrose and visit EdieYvonne.com/music for more upcoming releases.