Elijah the Boy Drops Steamy Heartbreak Anthem “Over You”

Hip-Hop Artist Overcomes The Pain of a Broken Heart

Bronx, NY – Proven viral hitmaker Elijah the Boy is back with a new single, “Over You.” Providing relatability to anyone who has experienced heartbreak or distrust in a relationship, “Over You” is captivating, catchy, and engaging. Honing in on his personal experiences, Elijah invites listeners into his musical diary. “Over You” is now available for streaming.

Following the release of his previous TikTok hit, “Red Light,” “Over You” is the next chapter in Elijah’s story. Produced by Navi Beats (YungBleu, Mariah Carey) and mixed by MixedByAuden, “Over You” is compelling, personal, and relatable. Beginning with a soft melody, an infectious beat follows shortly after and carries through the track. Pouring out emotions from a recent heartbreak, Elijah explains his feelings in his lyricism, “If I said I love you, I still love you cause I’m real like that.” When describing the songwriting process for “Over You,” Elijah said, “I had recently got out of a relationship and found out the girl I was with cheated on me. I was in the club one night drinking and feeling dark, and it dawned on me. If I’m going to speak about everything, it has to be a song that’s undeniable, and that will get played everywhere. Clubs, cars, traveling, in the gyms, literally everywhere. I ended up hitting up my producer and telling him I wanted a Jersey club song with a sad sample. We made the beat and wrote the song on the same day.” Known for using his music and songwriting as a form of expression and escape, “Over You” is another example of how this proves true.


Born and raised in the Bronx, Elijah the Boy is a hip-hop star on the rise. Making music beginning at just eleven years old, Elijah has formed a close relationship with his mother, from whom he takes a lot of inspiration. Starting to share his own freestyle on social media, his take on the “ten toes challenge” grew his Instagram following by over 17k overnight. His viral TikTok hit “Red Light,” captured the attention of music fans, who rocketed it to over 1.3 million streams, with plays still climbing at a rate of over 14k streams a day on Spotify alone, championing 3 million streams altogether across all platforms. His tracks have been spun on New York City’s Top 2 hip hop stations, Hot 97 and Power 105.1, and he’s received praise from Respect Magazine, All Hip Hop, and Hip Hop Weekly.

Mesmerizing, energizing, and emotion-packed, Elijah the Boy is ready to welcome listeners into his personal diary with “Over You.” To keep up with Elijah’s musical journey and what will come next, follow him on Instagram and TikTok  @ElijahTheBoy.