Elijah the Boy Exhilarates With Hit Song “Red Light”

Hip-Hop Artist Goes Viral On TikTok With Newest Single

Bronx, New York – Fast-rising hip-hop star, Elijah the Boy, has taken over TikTok with his newest single, “Red Light.” This upbeat and dynamic viral head-banger has captured the attention of music fans who discovered it on TikTok and rocketed it to over 1.3 million streams, with plays still climbing at a rate of over 14,000 streams a day on Spotify alone, championing 3 million streams altogether across all platforms. “Red Light” is available to stream worldwide on all digital platforms, in addition to the music video which is available to watch now on YouTube.


Vibrant, gripping, and energy-inducing, Elijah lures listeners in with the opening lyrics, “Pull up on you at the red light, Girl I’m trying to be what’s right for you.” A prominent, infectious beat fused with his captivating lyricism keeps listeners engaged and wanting more. Combining neon-tinged 80s vibes influenced by timeless pop culture hits with fresh new sounds, Elijah flawlessly gives the classic hip-hop sound a modern twist on “Red Light.” He confirms this by stating, “Inspired by the 80s song “Dream Boy/Dream Girl” my mom used to play for me as a kid, and also inspired by the 80s classic film, Lost Boys. They used one song during the entire movie, and I wanted a song that felt like that. ‘Red Light’ has a catchy, 80s vibe.”


Known for expressing himself through songwriting, Elijah takes pride in using music as a form of comfort and escape, encouraging his fans to do the same. Respect Magazine reiterated this when they discussed his lyricism in his previous single, “Hard Days.” “His determination to never return to the dark places he’s been in and his gift in writing and rhyming has propelled him to new levels of success.”


A Bronx, New York native, Elijah is a bonafide superstar in the making. A natural at writing and rhyming, young Elijah wrote his first rap at age eleven. Facing hard times as a child – being raised by a single mother, tragically losing his father at just one year old, and being homeless and on the move – Elijah credits these trying times and his mother’s strong-willed determination as a vital part of his musical success. Elijah’s success reached all new levels when he began sharing his own freestyle on social media. Specifically, his own twist on the “ten toes challenge” led to expanding his Instagram fan base by nearly 17,000 followers overnight. Prior to the success of “Red Light,” Elijah’s 2020 album, Not What it Used To Be, hit number 17 on the iTunes charts. 2020 proved to be a successful year; Elijah’s single “Send Em Up” has acquired over five million streams combined on all platforms. Taking huge inspiration from Grammy Award Winning rapper, Eminem, other projects of Elijah’s include his first album, Mood Swings, followed by EP, 2:14 AM, and album, Act Up.


A true definition of self-made, Elijah the Boy is an inspiration and example that success can come with your own will and determination to succeed. “Red Light” is available to stream on all digital platforms. To keep up with Elijah’s musical journey, follow him on Instagram @elijahtheboy.